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Posted in Catholic Respect at Mass. on 2005-02-05 14:27:23

Hi chucksmom, I'm sorry for appearing to be the self righteous person you judge me to be. My faults are many.

I found this on the St. Michael Center for Apologetics web site, Catholic Questions and Answers, by Brother Ignatius Mary, OLSM, called Holding Hands at Mass".

Peace be with you, cargopilot

Posted in Catholic Respect at Mass. on 2005-01-16 14:40:21

Hi chucksmom,

Thank you for all your flattering personal remarks about me.

However, I can't take the credit for the content of my previous post. I copied EVERYTHING except 'I hope this helps.' from http://www.catholicnewsnet.com/Jul04.html.

I'm only seeking the truth, and I want to do what's right. Just because everyone is doing something, doesn't always make it right.

Please, if you, or anyone, can cite ANYTHING that supercedes 'Notitiae' Volume XI, Page 226, as it is written in my previous post, I will be greatly appreciative.

Peace be with you, cargopilot

Posted in Catholic Respect at Mass. on 2005-01-15 18:46:08

From The General Instruction Roman Missal:

5.2 Holding Hands during the Our Father:

Holding hands during the Our Father has become commonplace, but is an illicit addition to the Liturgy. Clarifications and Interpretations of the GIRM \["Notitiae" Vol. XI (1975) p. 226\] explains:

". . .holding hands is a sign of intimacy and not reconciliation, and as such disrupts the flow of the Sacramental signs in the Mass which leads to the Sacramental sign of intimacy with Christ and our neighbor, Holy Communion."

I hope this helps.

Peace be with you, cargopilot

Posted in Catholic Respect at Mass. on 2004-12-31 23:12:13

You're right. Posture is not specified for the Our Father in the GIRM, so I removed that part of the question. Since no posture is specified, one could say that ANY posture is OK. Why not raise our hands way above our heads and sway them back and forth?

However, for me, the Lord's Prayer is a PRAYER. I like to fold my hands in prayer. To hold hands is, for me, very distracting, so I don't do it.

People have told me that I'm very wrong for not holding hands, but the Priests I've asked say it's a local custom that has just kind of slipped in, and I'm free to do it, or not. Some have called hand holding 'silly' and 'corny'.

I just want the folks that end up sitting next to me to not be offended by my 'failure' to adopt hand holding. I am pleased to see that most respondants to my poll aren't.