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Posted in wet dreams vs wetting dreams on 2004-12-08 15:41:21

Heres another revealing poll about having eratic dreams at night www.misterpoll.com/3955283585.html

Posted in wet dreams vs wetting dreams on 2004-12-08 15:39:26

wet dreams around the world

This was a super message.

Heres a similar poll you like as well. www.misterpoll.com/3955283585.html

Posted in Catholic Belief Poll on 2004-11-23 07:02:45

This is awell constructed poll regarding what it does include. (truths based on the creed and canon law, sacraments of baptism ordinationa and eucharist) A more extensive one would be indicative if including response by age and level of religious instruction) dennis

Posted in For US Catholics on 2004-11-23 06:51:10

To CM. I'm aware of others who hold to positions similar to yours. You must have some positive views about the church even though you are inactive. Do you see any signs that God's grace continues to act in peoples lives ?

Posted in What kind of swimwear should be required in school? on 2004-11-02 06:01:38

========== In Reply To ========== We have suits in the school colors that they give out along with a butt plug when we come into the locker room.

I'm a boy and i'm confused what is the purpose of the butplug or was that a joke ??