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Posted in Human Neutering on 2021-06-10 05:55:29

Ooops! Oh well, nothing you can do about them now. :) He'll be nice and calm by the time her parents get home. :)

I'd wrap one around his little $%!@ a couple hours before they get home. Not like it's gonna hurt him. He'll tell them about the first one, they see the other, by that point...too late. Just make sure it's SUPER tight, right at the base of his $%!@. Put the bands on about 4 hours before they get home. Make sure to put the fear of God into him to not say a word. :)

By the time they get home, his precious balls and his $%!@ will be long dead. :D

Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2021-06-01 01:57:14

I just watch waaaay too much A&E and Investigation Discovery. :)

Posted in Human Neutering on 2021-06-01 01:51:46

@danni156 You got my thinking, so I discussed it with my daughters and I'm going to let them mull the idea around too. We all agree, he still doesn't get any underwear. We don't allow it now and we aren't spending any money on them if we do this.

He'll get the same hand-me-downs from the thrift shop we get him now, just in a different section.

My daughters get all the brand name clothes, the nicest everything. Always have. If it's something they want, they get it. They are currently obsessed with H&M jeans (though they don't do that up to your belly button thing) and Calvins. Good God are those expensive. But they want it, they get it. :)

I'll let you know what we decide. It definitely opens the door for more fun for us and our vet friend. I think she's going to become a larger part in our lives. :)

Posted in Human Neutering on 2021-05-31 04:20:05

@danni156: My daughters and I haven't given it much thought. We aren't going the hormone route, that's for certain. The nullification was expensive enough, though I think it was worth the cost. :) Our vet friend and I have become close and let's just say sparks have flown. :D

Anyway, it would be fun to make him wear overly flowery and girly dresses and granny panties and just the worst girl clothes. I'll still buy the ultimate best for my daughters. :)

Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2021-05-29 05:09:10

@Ana: I would never condone violence....but >:)

If you can, while disguised, get a boy into some woods, while using a super sharp knife (like a Karambit, hooked blade) and something very hot to cauterize the wound.

Make sure you clock them quickly, but not hard, so they don't yell and use a balled up sock or three (brand new) to keep them from yelling. While wearing thick gloves, slice horizontal and quickly, while holding the scrotum and $%!@ taut. Once sliced clean of the body, then QUICKLY cauterize the wound. Apply pressure with your cauterizing tool for at least a minute.

Place your newly acquired treasure ;) in a ziplock bag.

DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR GLOVES! Take all your tools, the socks in his mouth, and leave fast. Do no leave the way you came in. Go a different way.

Plan ahead and have a large hole ready and bury your tools in a safe area away from this site. If you see roadkill on your way, pick it up (no skunks for obvious reasons) on top of the hole about two feet from the top and continue burying your tools (which should be about 8 feet down).

That way your tool buring spot is covered should it ever be searched, the roadkill will throw off search animals looking for the gloves.

"Dispose" of your treasure quickly. Do NOT hold onto it. ;)

IMPORTANT NOTE: It should take you no longer than 3 minutes. A flaccid $%!@ and the scrotum and cords are not that hard to get through with a VERY sharp knife. If it does, cauterize and leave. ALWAYS attempt this far away from your hometown, your home county, even your home state.

For legal reasons, this is just a fantasy of mine and I have NEVER attempted anything like this. :)