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Posted in Why do people around the world hate americans? on 2004-11-18 00:58:04

The US has 3 thing going against them. Their strengh, their mindset, and their lack of suport from their own people. The US is the only Superpower and so weeker nations coughFrance*cough* will be jelous. THeir m9indset to 9 times out of 10 do whats right and pull through for people has given them the imige of a poliece officer for the world and an unfiar one at that. Picking on poor defenceless nations that only what a neukler stockpile of their own. Its only fair. From what I have seen the US has problems with Anarchy coughDemocrats*cough* and you seem to not beable to iliminate that problem.


Posted in 4 More Years on 2004-11-18 00:39:31

I dont own a car so am I your hero? I own 5 guns so I must be also Satan. I have killed a total of 6 people and woonded 20 so am I the devils spawn? WOW I went from a hero to the devil in a matter of moments. I feel like John Kerry, a loser AND a moron. I support anyone who supports whats right and the war in Iraq IS the right thing to do. SO for all you liberals out there. Start lerning the French national anthum because thats the only place that still suports whips like you.


If the United States split into seperate states you would probably fall apart entirely and just be taken over by a stronger "state" so I think you are ok where you are.

Posted in Reasons to have voted for George W Bush on 2004-11-07 06:45:46

The Good: USA England Russia Austraila Japan China Israle New Iraq

The Bad: Old Iraq Turkey Afganistan Iran Palistine The Saudies

The Ugly: France Germany Italy Spain Democraps (o silly me I seemed to have missed spelled it... o wait no I didn't.) Pakistan India (Not yet readdy for the bad stance yet.)

Posted in Reason for the invasion of Iraq on 2004-11-07 06:40:54

If you think Bush went in for oil. Your worng. If Bush wanted Oil he would have fought the Saudies.