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Posted in Boys vs. Girls: Age and Strength on 2004-12-07 01:13:13

Damn, you women are strong! Don't get me wrong I envy that strength, and women as strong as you are hot. Do you work out a lot? and are you muscular all over your body or just your arms?

Posted in Women armwrestlers on 2004-12-07 01:00:48


Fight! Fight! Fight! There's a fight over here and I think those two chicks are kicking the skinny guys $%!@! HAHAHAHA!

Posted in Boys vs. Girls: Age and Strength on 2004-11-07 05:44:45

Wow biggerboned, you must be a very hot muscular women. It is very impressive (and hot) that you beat so many men at armwrestling. I can tell that you practice arm wrestling alot, do you work out alot too? How big are your biceps? And do you have any more advice on arm wrestling and how to get better at it?

========== In Reply To ========== I discovered during junior high school that I was able to put just about all the boys my age and some older men down in an armwrestle and although all of those boys have become much bigger and stronger since then, so have I and the grown men probably have not. I enjoy a challenge and whenever I see anybody armwrestling I want to get involved. It does'nt matter how big or how old the guy is because it's not a big deal if I lose. Although I am much bigger than the average girl (240 pounds), I am still a girl and most guys still assume they can take me. I have to admit I have lost many times but I have also beaten a lot of guys I never thought I would beat, older guys who were very muscular and they are usually just as surprised as I am. There is also a lot of technique involved and I think I've gotten more out of my losses than my wins. Years ago I learned a lot from a man I met who used to be really into armwrestling. I used to practice with him and I was never able to beat him but he would struggle for a while to beat me. When you armwrestle with someone who is stronger than you but who you can compete with for a while it makes you much stronger. I also learned that when you use the grip where you lock thumbs, most of the strength comes from below the elbow and not as much from the shoulders and chest. I've always had very big forearms for a girl and maybe that's why I can beat so many guys.

Posted in Who is the hottest women super hero? on 2004-11-06 07:08:11

Which women super heros do you think are missing from this list?

Posted in Boys vs. Girls: Age and Strength on 2004-11-06 06:38:39

There is one girl that I have known since i was ten and she was one year older then me. Ever since we have been competing with each other and she has always beaten me in arm wrestling and wrestling and now I am 16 and she is 17 and she still beats me. Having said that, she is a really buff chick. She beats me easily at arm wrestling because she has large 17 inch biceps. I have gone to the gym with her and seen that she can bench press 280 pounds, 100 pounds more then I can. When we wrestle it is usually closer, but in the end she usually ends up beating me by wearing me out or actually picking me up and slamming me. I am stronger then all the other girls and lots of guys too, but this one girl can beat me easily. Should I be embarrassed because this girl can beat me, or should I not care?