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Posted in Spanked in front of your girlfriend on 2014-07-20 13:10:30

I got spanked in front of my girlfriend when I was about 16. t was definitely my most embarrassing spanking. My younger sister got to watch, but there was nothing unusual about that.

I didn't like my early curfew, I thought it was too early for a boy of my age,and my girlfriend teased me because I had to be in "beddybies" by 10. p.m.

I ignored the curfew twice, which was one time too many for my mother, and the next Sunday afternoon, when my girlfriend came to visit, mum reminded me of my missing the curfew, and to my horror, she announced in front of my girlfriend that she was going to spank me now for it. I remember my girlfriend starting to grin as my mum revealed her plans for me, and the next thing I knew, was finding myself over the back of the sofa, naked, having my bare bottom tanned really hard with mum's hairbrush.

When it was over, and I was still crying and bawling, and rubbing my bottom. I looked at my girlfriend's grinning face, and realized that she thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle. She teased me mercilessly about this incident for ages.

We eventually split up but I saw her a few months ago and we had a drink together. It wasn't long before she reminded me about the spanking, and wanted to ask all sorts of questions about my ongoing discipline. She definitely enjoyed reliving the incident to my continued embarrassment.

Posted in Kids changing clothes in car on 2014-07-10 13:08:30

When we were kids my sister and I often would change clothes in the car, even if it meant we were naked for a while. We saw each other naked regularly so it wasn't a big deal. I remember one occasion when we were passed by a bus, just when we were both nude. A lot of passengers looked down at us and had a good laugh.

We were a bit embarrassed then, although mum told us not to be so silly!

Posted in Clothing limits for guys by parents on 2014-07-08 09:42:27


Yes, once she was satisfied that our nudity was not a problem, she would say something like "Ok you two, time to get healthy. Upstairs, all clothes off, back within two minutes." So we would come back down bare, and there would be the usual embarrassing comments about our cute bottoms or something similar. Usually someone would give our bottoms a squeeze, or perhaps a "friendly" smack. Sometimes we would undress in front of them and then take our clothes upstairs, and return immediately. If our visitors were known to be OK with our nudity, then we would probably be bare before they came.

Of course, if our bottoms were showing marks from a recent encounter with Mum's hand or hairbrush, then there would be further embarrassing discussions about what we had done and exactly how we were punished. Sometimes while these discussions were going on, we would be told to "Turn round and show our bottoms". I am certain that, when our bottoms showed signs of a recent punishment, Mum would expose us at every opportunity, so that the embarrassment factor of a red bottom added to our punishment.

Two visitors would make their children strip, and then at least we had company. The child of one of them definitely didn't like it, even though we were naked, but the other pair of kids were quite happy to join us nude.

Always, after the first few minutes we would "almost" forget that we were nude, and just get on with our lives.

Posted in Clothing limits for guys by parents on 2014-07-06 11:56:43


If it was people we know, and were used to seeing us nude, we had to remain nude. In fact, this was most visitors.

If it was a person whose attitude to nudity was unknown, my mum would usually steer the conversation around until she knew. Then if it was OK, off came our clothes.

Of course, we had no choice in the matter.

Posted in Clothing limits for guys by parents on 2014-07-05 13:31:42


After that first day,she would now and then make us do it again whenever she felt like it I suppose.

We did it until well in our teens, the neighbours thought nothing of it because they had seen us naked pretty regularly since we were very young, and they were used to the sight of us.

We were quite often completely nude indoors, all year round.

She said all this was good for discipline, as our bottoms were easy to get to for smacking!