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Posted in Girls punishment clothing on 2015-05-10 15:15:12

When we were kids, my sister was treated much like you by our parents, the main difference being that she had to wear "little girly" clothes all the time, not just as a punishment. This was supposed to remind her continually of "her place", make sure she didn't look a tart, and generally be part of her continuing discipline.

She always had to wear short frilly skirts or dresses that came no lower than half way down her thighs when she was standing, and were of course considerably higher when she was sitting, to say nothing of bending down. "Little girl" knickers which were revealed frequently when she moved, Ankle length socks, boring flat shoes,and, even in winter, always bare legs. No tights or stockings were allowed.

When she reached her mid teen years, she hated this, and was teased by her friends, but there was still no relaxing of the rules. Absolutely no make up was allowed, and her hair was always a little girly style.

When she did try to argue about this (always a mistake, since she had already been told that "another word on the subject young lady and it will be a sore bottom for you"!) it always ended up with her getting the command "skirt up - knickers down" and a well smacked bottom would soon follow.

I also had rules, one of which was the permanent short trousers rule, and any arguing or disobedience on my part also resulted in similar undesired attention to my bottom, so we used to console each other about our predicament, which made it all slightly easier to bear I suppose.

Posted in Short trousers for all schoolboys on 2015-03-26 08:47:35

I find I can relate to almost all of the stories above, including the fantasies it causes.

One difference between my treatment and almost all of the other writers is that their short trousers did reach down to their knees, whereas mine just covered my bottom and left all my thighs bare

Despite being forced to wear shorts as a kid, I now find I enjoy wearing shorts in certain situations. I have a lady friend who gets a kick out of treating me like a little boy, and insisting I wear shorts in all weathers. And yes, I get a kick out of it too. When we go out in the car, I have to have totally bare legs while she wraps herself up well and then sets the car ventilation system as cold as possible with the fan full on, and the vents set to blow the cold air over my bare thighs so that they soon get covered in goosebumps. Some of the journeys are quite long, but I enjoy having to endure the discomfort.

She has a few friends who know about this arrangement, one insists that I strip bare when visiting. We then spend time in the outhouse, again with them all wrapped up and me bare.

I think some women are turned on by the sight of goosebumps.

Posted in A Spanking Poll on 2014-11-20 09:42:35

Yes, my mother always made sure the "sit spot" got plenty of attention to make sure my discomfort was prolonged, long after the spanking was over. An additional bonus - for my mother, not me - was that that when the spanking was being applied, the sit spot was more sensitive, and always hurt much more than when the hairbrush landed higher up.

More pain at the beginning, and it lasted longer!

Posted in Converting measuring units on 2014-11-12 18:33:07

Yes, some poor sod will have that on his conscience for the rest of his life!

A similar highly embarrassing $%!@ up happened with the incorrect grinding of the main mirror of the Hubble telescope,although I don't think that was down to a missunderstanding of which system of measurement was used.

It seems fair to suppose that the offering from Scheherazade is nothing but a figment of imagination, perhaps from someone who is a total submissive, perhaps for sexual gratification. I am sure no sane woman, or man either, would realistically submit to this kind of total submission. The entire rambling nonsense is aimed at totally depriving the woman of any control over her life. A concept which has no rationale in the modern world today. I suspect this post was actually written by a man who is using this blog to fantasize about his own secret desires.

Especially chilling is the last paragraph. It is imperative that the birth rate is controlled world wide by all societies and religions. To do anything less spells disaster for civilization as a whole.

It is vital that contraception is made use of, by either sex, according to individual preferences, and as it is the woman who physically and mentally experiences the trauma of childbirth much more than the man. It is logical that she should take charge of this situation.

This is the rational approach - religion plays no part in logical reasoning of this sort.