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Posted in l got spanked today on 2015-06-17 15:41:59

Hallo Rachel

My sister and I always got birthday spankings every year from aged about six, until we were around eighteen.

We had to be naked for this ritual, and we, like you, got two cane strokes for each year. As we usually had family and friends round for these events it was exceedingly embarrassing, as the canings were given in front of everybody. Our parents kept a degree of uncertainty about the proceedings as we didn't know until the last minute if we had to bend over and touch out toes, bend over the sofa, or, the worse one, position ourselves over someone else's knee. If this was the order, I went over my Aunt's lap, and my sister went over my Uncle's. Then mum would cane me, and dad would cane my sister. Of course, the people holding us across their knees had a terrific view of the stripes appearing on our bottoms. My birthday was about three weeks after my sister, and when my sister had had her birthday caning and was tearfully rubbing her bottom, someone would always say, "Three more weeks, and then it's your turn!"

One thing that never changed though, was the fact that the canings were very hard, and we always squealed and wriggled. We weren't allowed any clothes for the rest of the day. Having our stripey bottoms remaining on show was always part of the ritual.

When I was much older, I asked mum why we had this treatment, and she said it was good for discipline and a reminder that you are never too old for a good bare bottom spanking

Posted in Girls punishment clothing on 2015-06-05 09:04:35


I witnessed just one other person having humiliating punishment. It was a cousin of mine, a boy of about twelve at the time,and his mum pulled his trousers and pants down, turned him over her knee, and proceeded to smack his bare bottom hard and repeatedly. After it was over, he fled crying to his bedroom, and refused to come out whilst I was still visiting. Clearly he was seriously embarrassed. Luckily for me, he never witnessed me being punished.

Can I ask how old you are now, and how old were you when you had all these embarrassing punishments?

My worst period, I think, was when I was about twelve or thirteen. Just getting into puberty,and very conscious of having to expose myself.

Posted in Girls punishment clothing on 2015-05-22 09:46:39

You are so right, Susang. The clock can't be turned back and we have to live with it.

If my sister or myself were due a spanking at home, it also made no difference if we had company. This could be the neighbours or Mum's friends, or relation such as our aunt. Once I was spanked in front of my school pal at home,so word of that soon went around the class and I was mercilessly teased about that. Like you we both still get teased about these things by people who witnessed it.

Bare red bottoms up in the air for all to see was indescribably embarrassing.

Susang, How old were you when all this was going on?

Posted in l got spanked today on 2015-05-19 17:01:39

To Fionacane

Do you give maintenance spankings, even if your kids have done no wrong, just as a disciplinary measure?

Posted in Girls punishment clothing on 2015-05-19 16:45:39

If myself or my sister needed "correction" when out in public, a few hard smacks to the back of our bare thighs was the usual punishment. This was so the red marks would be seen by all, and thus increase our humiliation.

Once home, the punishment would (just like the previous poster) be repeated with greater intensity on our bare bottoms.

If the neighbours spotted red thighs (or maybe red bottoms if we were indoors) if they peered over the garden fence, we always had to explain why we had been smacked, which was very humiliating.