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Posted in Playing in the rain on 2015-09-04 13:19:14

Yes, I can't disagree, akthough I certainly would have done when I was a boy.

My mother, on the occasions she used only her hand,(usually it was a hairbrush) seemed to be able to exactly match the curvature of my cheeks with her hand, so that there was always a loud clap. Guaranteed to let the neighbours hear and bring them out into the garden. Of course, it wasn't long before my wailing did that anyway.

Posted in Playing in the rain on 2015-09-04 09:35:24

Yes, I think you are right. Both of us were pretty immune to the cold, provided we remained active, and we never got coughs or colds more than anybody else. Probably less in fact.

The only time we weren't too happy was if we sporting red bottoms as a result of some misdemeanor, or worse,if we got our bottoms smacked in the garden when the neighbours were watching. But as you say - Good discipline!

I would allow my kids to be spanked by the head teacher, bare bottomed if he thinks that is deserved. Also by any other teacher, but only after I had got to know them, and how they operate.

When I was at school in the 60's, my mum gave the head teacher permission to use the cane on my bare bottom, even though strictly speaking, it wasn't allowed. Bare bottom punishments were the norm at home, and she didn't see why the school should be any different.

Posted in Families and Underwear Redo on 2015-08-24 10:12:39

You are quite right, My sister and I were often nude in the garden, be it rain or shine, hot or cold. We didn't care, and neither did the neighbours who often saw us. Clothes are just a nuisance in these matters.

Posted in Playing in the rain on 2015-08-24 10:07:50

My mum used to send my sister and I out into the rain in the garden to play, to make us exercise, play games, and generally for health reasons. The harder it rained the more likely it was that we would go out. Mum would also make us go out in the winter when it was freezing cold. She said this was good for us and would toughen us up!

We were always completely nude, and we often saw the neighbours laughing at us cavorting about from their windows. We usually got covered in dirt and mud,and we would wash each other down with the hose until we were allowed indoors to dry ourselves. We always felt warm after coming indoors to dry, and there was no question of putting on any clothes until much later,even in winter.