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Posted in NUDITY AT HOME - COMFORT VS ABUSE 1 on 2015-12-18 11:27:10

I think the line between nudity and abuse can be quite thin. I spent a lot of time naked around a lot of people when I was a kid, and this continued well into my teen years.

Although I was quite used to it, and it seemed to be my natural state, there was one elderly aunt who, especially when I was around 11 or 12 years old, would always caress my bare bottom every time I walked past her, or was near her, and sometimes her hand would stray between my legs. (My younger sister, also usually nude, was never touched by my aunt in this way) When I told my mother that I wasn't too keen on this. She just told me not to be silly because she had seen me naked and bathed me etc. countless times since I was a baby, and why should I suddenly be coy now.

She also made it clear that I would not be allowed to wear any clothes just because she was around. In other words my mother was totally unsympathetic to my embarrassment, and said she didn't want to hear anymore about "this nonsense".

I didn't feel that this qualified as abuse at the time, but I think it came close.

Other opinions would be welcome. Thanks.

Posted in Do girls like boys wearing shorts? on 2015-10-07 14:31:56

My mum thought it was good for general discipline,and kept me "in my place" i.e. "just a little boy"

Posted in Playing in the rain on 2015-09-24 11:39:35

Yes, there is no doubt that nudity and a red bottom on display to others is an excellent means of ensuring exemplary behaviour. It certainly worked with me I have to admit, although I wasn't at all happy at the time.

When we went next door, our mum always took the hairbrush with her, and would lay it on the table where we could see it as a reminder. Everytime I looked at it I was always reminded to obey every command instantly, and make sure I was always very polite, and called every adult Auntie and Uncle etc. There were a lot of rules, and sometimes I would forget something, then mum would pick up the hairbrush and I would be over her knee for a session of real pain and humiliation.

Thank you for giving your email, if it wasn't for the fact that if I gave you mine, there is no way of not giving it to everyone on misterpoll, I would happily provide it.

Posted in Playing in the rain on 2015-09-17 09:58:50

There is one more question I would like to ask, as you clearly have similar ideas as my mother used to have over matters of discipline and punishments.

Although my sister and I were more or less used to being bare in the garden, sometimes our mum, when she was invited next door for a coffee or something, would insist on us coming with her, and we would still have to be naked. Although there was obviously nothing about us that the neighbour hadn't already seen, we disliked having to sit there, be polite and obedient and all the rest of it whilst having no clothes on. Mother always said that nudity was good for us in company, it reminded us of our place, that sort of thing. She said that because we didn't like being naked next door, it meant we were "stuck up" and conceited, so she would make us remain naked all the more untill our attitude improved.

Sorry,this is a bit long winded, but I now finally come to asking the question. Do you think our attitude meant our mother was right about us being "stuck up" and making us "go bare" to use her expression was the right thing to do? Sometimes we were next door and one or both of us would be displaying a red bottom, we hated that. Would you do the same with your son under similar circumstances?

Thanks for your time.

Posted in Playing in the rain on 2015-09-05 09:15:21

I'm not sure I understand your last sentence. Did your wife and yourself disagree on discipline policy. My sister and I lived with my mother and grandmother,(her mother) my father having done a bunk when I was two. My grandmother fully supported my mother's discipline regime, so I was the recipient of a united front.