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Posted in Swine Flu on 2009-05-29 19:00:23

Its all about potential. The further away from "normal" human flu's a new strain is, the more dangerous it is potentially. Since swine flu's normally only infect pigs, they are substantially different from human flu's; we dont normally worry about swine flu's as they arnt normally able to infect us, let alone pass from human to human.

The reason a swine flu can be dangerous is its new, human immune systems are not primed to respond to it as they are human flu's. Initially this is not such a problem as, due to how different it is, the swine flu starts off less able to infect and cause disease as it is not as strong. If after a few generations (generation of virus, not people), it changes to become good at causing disease (pathogenic) then it is both new, and pathogenic. This can be very lethal, the last time this happened was the Spanish flu around 1918 which killed between 2-5% of affected popultions in a matter of months. This is again possible with this swine flu, but not inevitable, its about potential and risk.

Right now the swine flu is not so pathogenic so its not doing much, if that changes things COULD get bad. Its not inevitable, but we know about this and should be prepared.

This opinion is comes from being a former university science student who majored in virology, not from media hype.

Posted in Should Australia be a Republic? on 2007-10-19 16:48:10

What utter nonesense.

Posted in Can you prove god exists? on 2007-10-17 16:28:43


Just because you believe a point of view does not make it superior. You have been offered numerous counter arguments to your initial 'argumant'. You have lost this one. If you wish not to look any more ridiculous then do some reading, sit and think, and come back with a strong counter argument.

Your retorts smack of a child yelling 'you are wrong, I am right, so there'. Here's hoping that your not sitting at your computer, hands over ears, yelling 'lalalalala'.

Posted in Can you prove god exists? on 2007-10-17 16:21:11

How did that link prove anything? The video was vacuous, all it did was continually re-assert that the Qur' an predicted scientific achievement.

The only point that your video connected scientific achievement with Islamic prediction was a single sentence from the Qu' an that stated that the universe is expanding. Even this was out of context and explanation.

This video is an insult to the thousands of scientists who have spent their lives working to unravel truths about the universe by reducing their efforts to a futile indulgence that only reaffirms islamic belief. Offensive.

Posted in General Religion Poll on 2007-10-17 15:39:53

Asskicking Ghandi:

what are you on about? Are you just trying to stir controversy?

All this writing inflamatory, contradictory, capitalised nonesense is infantile.