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Posted in religion on 2012-06-03 09:24:35

I agree that religion is irrational and a great source of non-thinking in the world, however a great deal of intelligent people do believe in their religion for a whole range of reasons, many passionately. What is true is that education has a negative correlation to religiosity: the more educated an individual, the greater chance she/he is not religious, or has ceased to be religious. This is not an absolute though.

Religion is much older than 2000 years. There were religions on this earth prior to the Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, these are just dominant in our time. Religion has been with humanity for countless millenia, but this does not give justification for it; just because an idea is old does not therefore make it right. Besides, it does appear contradictory that most religions appear to claim themselves to be 'correct' and the explanation for existence despite being substantially younger than humanity (let alone the earth or the universe!) while being popular at the expense of those religions they replaced suggesting that any given religion is by nature transient and destined to be discarded, falsified and largely forgotten.

Posted in Atheism and Supernatural beliefs on 2012-06-03 09:15:03

Curious, but neither wormholes or aliens (taken to be life originating elsewhere than earth) are supernatural, conversely they are both natural occurrences at least in concept. The question is on existence not on their being natural or not which is given by definition.

Posted in Same sex couples and adoption on 2012-06-03 09:05:45

Very true. The research has been done to sate these negative viewpoints, we know that the only thing undermining same-sex relationships, making them less stable or bringing any harm to children raised by same-sex parents is the result of bigotry. Seems ironic that those who claim to be protecting society and children with their homophobic agendas are exactly the same people creating the issues they themselves are complaining about! The problem for same-sex attracted people and those around them is the bigots, not the other way around.

Posted in Fun with Economics on 2012-06-03 08:40:17

An interesting way to spur debate, pity there has not been more uptake of the opportunity.


I developed a friendship with a girl who was a naturist. We used to hang out together at her place naked just chatting etc.. nothing sexual. Since then I have continued to follow a naturist lifestyle visiting nude beaches and naturist saunas where everyone is naked in a non-sexual environment. I find this very relaxing and a great way to get rid of stress. My girlfriend is also naturist, just so happened that she was naturist when I met her, so very lucky guy here!! We have thought about also attending a nude bike ride some time.