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Posted in Bullies when you went to camp. on 2004-11-10 00:00:52

tied him to one of the bunks in the girls cabbin and sat on his face. He couldnt breath as i could tell his insane kicking. It was a nice sensation the feeling of him stuggling. Once he passed out from suffocation, i threw him outside. The next day when the councellars foound him he never said a thing about me. I wonder if he liked it. I was fun i knew he wouldnt bully again!

Posted in Bullies when you went to camp. on 2004-11-09 23:59:00

The bully wasn't really that tough, Im a 13 year old girl 100 plds, 5'7. Well most guys think i have a hot butt. I show it off by wearing whatever tight clothing i can find. Well one day this bully, around 120 plds and 5'9 decided to grab my butt. Now i have a strange habbit, im turned on by sitting on guys faces, I do it to my bro all the time well I listen to music, preferably AC/DC and Led Zepplin (This stuff is popular in Canada). I told him "You like my $%!@? Wanna see it up close?", he replied "What do you mean?". I have a medium soft round butt and i was wearing "O' so tight" jeans (RARE!). They were the back pocketless kind. I pushed him down