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Posted in Pledge of Allegiance - Under God? on 2005-01-25 01:53:09

I totally agree with you, Chxmum, that religion ought to be separated from the state. I mean, look at the disaster the Popes have caused back in Europe! However, I think prayer in schools should be allowed because Americans have the freedom of religion. Being allowed to practice your belief within a school's proximity is a quantum leap from dictating religion.

Posted in Pledge of Allegiance - Under God? on 2005-01-12 06:38:50

I'd really like to know why they don't allow it( For Muslims to pray in public, etc.) I'd also like to know, with freedom of religion, why people are not allowed to pray or talk about "religions" in public (schools). It's not as if other "religions" or athiests are forced to participate as well. If you prevent people from doing so, is it still freedom of religion?

Posted in Pledge of Allegiance - Under God? on 2005-01-10 05:56:21

I'm sure that isn't the case. If Muslims and Buddhists or whatevers wanted public prayer or whatever it is that they do in all those events for themselves, in addition to what Christians want for themselves, then it'd be hard to argue against that, what with freedom of religion. Athiests should be able to refrain from those activities if they want. There we go. Freedom of religion.

Posted in Pledge of Allegiance - Under God? on 2004-12-17 03:16:10

Techinically, swearing is against the law in some places - it is a public offense fined by a dollar. Unfortunately, NO ONE actually takes this into account. This isn't necessarily involving the church. In the "religion" Wicca, people make up their own gods. Wicca has no church, by my understanding. Also, the number 1 thing in one's life could be considered your "god." Par example, if you put money above all else, money is your idol and money is your "god." I beg to differ your last point! If you observe the public school textbooks, some involve detailed information about Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. I recall taking quizzes on all major religions in middle school!

Posted in Which religions will stand the test of time? on 2004-12-15 02:51:36

Well actually, there are a few fundamental differences. Christians believe that Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit are one in a Holy Trinity and are to be exalted above all. It is my understanding that Catholics worship Mary and the saints.