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Posted in The Ramsey Murder on 2004-10-26 08:52:16

Darn right the parents did it. I do think this case is baffling because from what I gather there were no footprints in the snow and no forced entry. Therefore JonBenet was either killed by a family acquaintance or her own flesh. The Ramseys have a son. What infomation does he know? If JonBenet was murdered, she definitely would have screamed (even for a short time) before succumbing to strangulation. The ransom note demanded money from the bank account which is way too close to what was in the bank. All this and the police department has done nothing.

Posted in What happend to TWA Flight 800 on 2004-10-26 08:44:04

How many witnesses were there? There were at least 100. How do you tell 100 people otherwise they didn't see the aiplane shot down? I believe the plane was hit by a terrorist missile. I believe our government years before George W. Bush passed the hot potatoes down to the next guy hoping not to get burned. George HW Bush should have wiped out Saddam Hussein right away in Gulf War I, Clinton should have killed OBL when he had his chance. Last, but not least, George W. Bush isn't flexing our military might in Fellusha (Iraq). I believe the next US hostage taken should result in the bombing of Demascus, Syria when Saddam's assets went.

Posted in men wearing toenail polish on 2004-08-25 01:04:21

I like the look of dark red on my toes (I'm male). I hope women will think it's sexy.

Posted in men wearing toenail polish on 2004-08-25 01:03:20

I love polishing my toenails. Especially red TIME FOR WINE MAYBELLINE. I like the dark colors. A lot of male celebrities are doing it. I would like to know what women think of polished toes on men. I think my polished toes look sexy.