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========== In Reply To ========== I find it interesting that, when I asked the following question:

"BOTH males/females: If you answered that you have worn colored contacts or dyed your hair, why do you think it is that you NEVER see blue/green/hazel-eyed white people wearing BROWN colored contacts or dying their hair black?"

Almost 30% of people responded with: "Other: I explain it in the "talk about it" section"

and yet not ONE SINGLE person has given a possible explanation. I'd really be interested in hearing one. Anyone...?

I wear them so that my eyes will be lighter as most Indians have brown eyes so in an attempt to attract a white male I think they like lighter eyes.

Posted in Leonardo Dicaprio's orientation on 2000-06-13 02:46:12

Replying to: How many oscars did that one win?

I can't believe I forgot to make a comment on this little line here... Leonardo was nominated for an oscar for his role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape?..Best Supporting Actor. Getting nominated is honor enough.

Posted in Handicapped Parking on 2000-05-06 16:31:54

I totally agree. I'm sick of people parking in those spots just because they are too lazy to walk a few extra feet. Those spaces are reserved for people that need them, and it's not fair to them if you take up the space just because you don't want to walk. Why should they suffer for your lazyness?

Posted in Leonardo Dicaprio's orientation on 2000-05-02 19:53:25

========== In Reply To ========== So, why don't they get some ugly male actors? Hey, I should go to Hollywood. I can act and I'm ugly... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There ARE ugly actors that get big roles...Schwarzenneger, Van Damm (can't act), Segal (REALLY can't act), Gabriel Byrn, Michael Caine, Bruce Willis (these three have talent), and the list goes on and on. Looks have nothing to do with acting ability, and men hate it when a woman finds a male actor attractive. I get so sick of hearing situations where a woman says' "I think he's sexy" and the automatic male response is "he's probably gay" It's so stupid and immature. If you really are a fan of movies and acting, you will recognize the quality I mentioned in my previous post.

Posted in Greatest Horror Film Poll on 2000-04-30 13:41:54

You forgot about Tales from the Darkside on the list of horror TV shows. I still would have voted for The Twilight zone, but it should have been there anyway.