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Posted in What's up your ass? on 2013-03-18 22:17:56

Of all the things I answered I enjoy inside my butt, I prefer a $%!@ the most. :)

Posted in Guys and tampons on 2013-03-17 13:11:14

While not under any medical orders, I use them when I have very loose bowel movements or diarrhea. They are VERY useful to prevent any leakage from escaping and soiling my underwear. I always keep a box handy.

Posted in Bra for teenage boy on 2011-04-18 17:02:08

How has the bra been working out for him now after a few months? Any idea if he did wear that pink one? I am surprised that both men and women listed pink the most. I chose nude because it would hid the best under white or light colored shirts. I have a pink Victoria's Secret IPEX bra along with all my others, but it was not the first bra I bought. But as for him wearing a bra, I am sure that it did not take too long to get used to wearing one. And with him receiving a professional fitting, t is comfy enough and fitting well enough to the point he may not even notice it.

Yes, it really was for the best as I can understand myself. I've been wearing one daily for many years now and it was the best thing I did. The bouncing just got too uncomfortable. When I would wear them to work, sure I got some teasing. But after a month, people realized it did not bother me at all. So the teasing stopped and I continued to wear a bra daily from then on. Now if I am lounging around the house and have no plans to go outside, sometimes I will go braless. But if it is even for a short walk to the mailbox, you betcha my bra comes on! And now, I have been times where I am going out in public with my bra visible under my shirt for a good 12 years now. I could care less if it is visible or not. And in time, I suspect he will not care either.

I can understand why a racerback was chosen. It does have its advantages even though I do not wear them myself. But he may be well served by one or two more bras with traditional back bras. In the summer, if he wears shirts with wide neck openings, the racerback style can show the straps by the neck. Regular styles may also conceal better under tank tops if he wears them a lot. Of course, if he gets to the point where he does not care if his straps are exposed or not, that is a moot point. :)

I think in this day and age, bra wearing by men and teenage boys is considered much more acceptable than in the 80s when I was a teen. Attitudes are changing and it is to the point that most people do not even care. Oh of course there are a few people that would say something about it. But from what I remember about people back in the 80s, I am sure his experiences would have been far worse. I've read about where a boy at age 9 or 10 was in a bike accident where his testicles were slammed against the center steering post on his bike with great force. His testosterone production dropped to near nothing. When puberty began, he grew breasts at the same rate as many girls his age. He too was fitted for a bra and wore it to school daily during all weather. He did get some teasing from students but nowhere near as bad as he expected. And after a short time, the teasing stopped when they realized it did not bother him.

I too will have a sexual attracton if I see a guy with a cute butt and pênis. And I cannot help but want him inside me. 25 years ago, a cousin and I were skinny dipping along a creek for several hours. I was really turned on by his nude body and he was with mine. We were able to act upon that due to our privacy and my cousin went inside me and we had sex.

Posted in Men that wear bras to work on 2009-12-02 09:50:37

Since my one question so far is 2 to 1 in favor of seeing photos of me wearing me bras, here you go! Merely send an email to the following address requesting to see me in my bras and I will gladly send a photo or two. Remember to put something about pictures of me in a bra in the subject line.


SO go ahead! Don't be shy!