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Posted in The Awful Truth About the BUSH family on 2004-06-28 01:17:02

Far too much hate on both sides clouds the issues. In November, I hope hate doesn't elect a President. I don't think it will. I think religion will play a very large part. On one side we have a Catholic who supports abortion up to full term and on the other side a Christian who doesn't. ...a man who prays to his deity every day or a man..well, we don't know do we?... Current polls show Bush as a man who could handle Foreign affairs. These same polls show Kerry wins by a very small margin on domestic affairs. As far as presidnetial demeanor these polls show a Bush win.

I don't think a Bush/Cheney ticket will win but, a Bush/Powell ticket will win by a landslide not matter who Kerry picks as a running mate.

I am interested in the average age in this polling? I would say 24.

Charlie1 (age 43)

========== In Reply To ========== Far be it for me to take unfair advantage of the mentally handicapped, but, HeHeHe, a ripe chance like this is just too much to resist!!! Therefore, I feel called upon to point out a couple things to ole R. E. Pubican:

Screwed up or not in your mind (why doesn't that surprise me?), at least the anti-Bush crowd (a majority now and growing weekly) are dealing with facts. That's a world better that the reactionary self-delusions of the Bushies. It is the emergence of the facts from behind the shroud of secrecy and coverup surrounding the White House that has the Bushies spinning 24 hours a day futilely trying to discredit the truth. Its the facts that have exposed the man who has replaced Richard M. Nixon in the American lexicon as the all-time champion Presidential liar.

As to vile libels against the President, this was an industry INVENTED and PERFECTED by the vile, as you say, "right-wing," Republican libelers during the 1990s. We just looked and learned. Anyway, this buffoon is not your President or my President, he's the Unpresident.

Definition of a Republican: One who can dish it out, but can't take it. Syn: pathetic whiner.

The only thing that President Bush is going to be known for in history (assuming he doesn't steal a second term and totally destroy the country) is his extraordinary ability to make Clinton look good by comparison.

Bwahahahahaha.... Oh, I love it. I truly do. Getting your aughts is the best. It never gets any better than this. Eternal thanks, Dubya.

Oh, BTW, it is "life," not "lif." Geez Louize, what will you do if you come across any truly sesquipedalian verbiage?

I agree, you surely can't spell right-wing without "right" as in "say goodbye to your ...s, suckers."

You also can't spell right-wing without "wing," as in wingnut.

By the way, Bush can't seem to spell right-wing even with the Merriam Webster Dictionary in his lap. Methinks the lad is a tad dyslexic, what?

And last, you sag-assed, unpatriotic maroon, the American Bald Eagle has a left wing. So stop with the attacks on the patriotism of anybody who actually dares to disagree with your nonsense, and grow up. Did you sleep through your civics classes, or flunk out before you got there? Maybe you would benefit from writing out the Bill of Rights (What's that? Oh, just look it up.) a hundred times on the blackboard.

My main question to you, lad, is: When you went to school, did you go on the BIG bus, or on the LITTLE one?

Bush/Cheney - Jail in 2004.


Posted in The Awful Truth About the BUSH family on 2004-06-28 01:03:35

Please check your stats. The unemployment rate is lower than it has been in 30 years. Over a million new jobs have been created this year. Even if the jobless rate were 0.0000% the hate here would still dictate that the stats were falsified. Bush's tax cuts are responsible for a good deal of the debt but, they are also responsible for the creation of jobs, the buying of capital equipment for industry expansion to create jobs, and the consumer buying of goods and services to maintain jobs.

Here's a question for you. How much of Clinton's surplus was actual cash and how much was only a nicely groomed paper trail? And, how much was the social security program hurt?

The economy is recovering, believe it or not.

Charlie1 ========== In Reply To ========== Bush has put the country in a national debt--we need Kerry to get the country out of it. At almost 7 trillion dollars in debt, the national debt is higher than it's ever been and has spiked up ever since Bush took office (visit http://www.cedarcomm.com/~stevelm1/usdebt.htm for a chart.) If you look at the chart you can see that the Clinton administration was leveling out the debt, but when Bush came into office it went straight up. Kerry would help the International relationship with the US and the rest of the world (the relationship has worsened due to the Iraq war.) Kerry would provide a sane way to get out of Iraq, he has plans and ideas for domestic policy that are better than Bush's (education, environment, social security, poverty) and he's not surrounded by corporate oil people. Plus, the unemployment rate is higher than it's ever been due to Bush. In 2001 there were 133,000,000 jobs, and George Bush wanted a 5.3 million-job increase by 2004. Now it's 2004 and there are 130,000,000 jobs. Vote for Kerry in 2004 (don't vote for Nader, enough votes for Nader in the upcoming election will give Bush a second term!)

For more information, go to www.johnkerry.com OR www.buzzflash.com

Also, www.bushflash.com/idiot.html is a good site.