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Posted in Is the European Union becoming a superpower? on 2006-04-17 19:51:45


Firstly as Europeans we aren't particularly fond of USA, and don't get excited I am British and about the only one who does like you is Blair. The majority of British Subjects want nothing to do with America. We are a bigger superpower than America, our combined militaries are bigger and more experienced than yours, and not to mention we can economically blockade America at will, as one of the largest markets for your goods, and you have a trade deficit. The official language of the European Union is all official languages of member sates. The majority of Europeans couldm't give a toss about Turkey, and don't want them to join.

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Posted in Circumcision By Country on 2005-02-17 16:14:41

In Britain and Her Majesty's colonies its 15%. It is mostly upper and middle classes as it is unavailable on the NHS.

Posted in Empire of America on 2005-01-20 18:45:25

I am British and I must point out that the USA is not in an enviable postition. The American armed forces may be many in number but are not as well trained as the forces of other Industrial nations, and forgive me for sound arrogant, however that point is shown in Iraq at the present time US controlled areas of Iraq have a far higher level of violence and death rates of occupying soldiers than that of areas controlled by Her Majesty's Armed Forces. Concerning the issue of the economy, the EU is the largest and most powerful economic block in the world and both the Euro and Pound Sterling out perform the US Dollar on the International Monetary Markets and all of our member countries have the Minimum wage and additional services such as a state medical service and the welfare system, so that renders most arguments on your side of the Atlantic untruthful, mind, thats like your eveidence against Iraq, Where are those weapons by the way?

Posted in Turkey & the EU on 2005-01-20 18:27:59

Turkey is not European!

I am British and I believe that Turkey should not be permitted to join the EU for the following reasons: Turkey is not geographically part of Europe nor culturally, and should not be permitted to join. The Republic of Turkey would act as an entrance to EU states to Islamic terrorists. They currently occupy EU territory, namely northern Cyprus. The Turks have brought suffering to the peoples of Europe through the ages. Also, why do non-EU citizens say that they should or shouldn't when It is nothing to do with them, What right does the President of the United States of America to comment on internal European affairs, when we don't even want a connection with the United States of America, and definitely not an Alliance.

Posted in Who is the biggest threat to world security? on 2004-11-20 17:13:38

None of the countries on this list apart from the Islamic ones and the United States post any threat too International Security, and even out of this selection, the United States of America is the worst, and proof of this can be found in their recently military actions,just look, how many wars have they recently started?