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Posted in Team Coke vs Team Pepsi on 2015-01-19 08:55:14

I'm a former grocery store owner, and I just found Pepsi better to deal with than Coke, which sometimes used some rather heavy handed retail business practices in terms of their contracts. Don't forget about Royal Crown(which is distributed by 7UP) or Shasta Cola. Both are smaller brands that are very good. Shasta spends no money on advertising, so their prices are very low because everything goes into the product itself, and the consumer doesn't have to pay a premium price to cover the advertising.

Make no mistake, Coke is an excellent product, and mixes very well with liquor. However, some of the contract terms with Coke are not the best for many smaller retailers. Make sure you get the best possible terms, such as prices or free use of equipment if you enter into a retail contract Coke. Pepsi is very good at loaning equipment to businesses, besides having easier retail terms in my experience.

Posted in republicans vd democrats on 2005-12-31 16:50:30

While some Republicans have strong religious identification identity, many Democrats have a strong sense of social justice for the poor and disadvantaged. Some Republicans merely defend selfish principles that are good for their own personal business interests, while others have a very well reasoned sense of values and balanced moral justice.

Many Democrats are champions of equality and justice for all groups, and opposed to discrimination of all types. Many Democrats support an increased working wage for workers, while many Republican oppose such a wage increase for various reasons.

In balance, it is God who decides the hearts of persons. Both Democrats or Republicans can be equally decent in the eyes of God or their morality system.

Posted in Which brand is yours? on 2005-01-01 15:06:25

I live in Portland, Oregon USA. I have an interesting car, a 1973 AMC Gremlin with a V8 in it. I built the manifold into a highrise, put on dual exhausts, added a number of engine improvements, and put on a custom built Holley carb. The small car with a V8 is a lot of fun to drive. It has 276,000 miles, but still has lots of life in it, due to care to upgrade or repair any problems. Your poll seems to neglect many small independent brands of USA cars that no longer exist like AMC, Studebaker, Packard, Hudson, Nash, Rambler, Kaiser, Henry J, Essex and more. Many of these cars were a great value or a reasonable alternative to big car makers offerings. And some like the Gremlin first came on the US market in April of 1970 for a mere $1,879, a real value for a car of reasonable quality. Many of these smaller make autos didn't have popular styling, so many sold poorly. The Gremlins were a homely little chopped down Hornet model, with a station wagon-like back. But with plenty of power and some station wagon-like utility, these make a great car for small business or other use where a peppy little car that can haul some items around in can be handy.

Too bad gas is so high nowadays. In the future I'd like to consider a 330hp 401 AMC V8 for this car. But for now I can live with the 210HP V8, with some improvements. And Offemhauser has a great intake manufold where you can add one or two 4bbl. carbs. If a guy really wanted to go crazy, you put two Predator carbs on, each has the horsepower of about two carbs in a single unit, so using two of these would have the power of nearly 4 four barrel carbs. But that would be strickly a drag strip use. Not at all practical for street use.

Hot Rodding up a small car with a V8 is great fun. And you can sometimes do it on a real small budget too. The car started out as a $550 dollar car, with slow improvements as money became available. So even a poor guy can have his fun.