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Posted in Immigration Law on 2006-05-25 12:39:03

i believe that this country should NOT listen to those that say sending all the illegals packing will cause this country to fall to its knees. wrong. this country should NOT listen to those that say deporting all the illegals is just unrealistic. stupid. you put enough effort into it, you can get it done. due to the fact that so many companies have chosen to break the law by hiring illegals, they should also be punished. if their business must close its doors, who's fault is that? time to pay up for your wrong-doings!!

Posted in Animal testing on 2006-05-25 12:03:26

but you really need to learn to spell!!! how old are you anyway?!?

Posted in Spaying and castrating animals. on 2006-05-25 12:00:31

due to the fact that there are so many unwanted pets wandering the streets of this country, i believe it's best to spay/neuter your pet. People that don't usually end up with unwanted kittens/pups and dump them on the streets or the local humane society. what's the point of that? i've seen animals starve to death, seen them beaten almost to death, seen them run loose until hit by a car and killed. none of this is pretty. getting them fixed would help take care of some of these problems.

Posted in The #1 Language in America on 2006-04-01 23:10:33


my father grew up in a Greek/Lebanese household. his mother used to teach his friends arabic words when they came to play. over 60 years later, those friends (yes, they're still alive and still friends!) remember and appreciate that experience. i think children should be taught a second language at least, but anyone wanting to become an american citizen should be fluent in reading and writing english first.

Posted in Would You Vote To Court Martial Bush ? on 2006-04-01 22:44:16

Poor United States

we made the mistake of voting for him the first time. then we were so ignorant and stupid that we voted for him a second time! it's quite obvious that this country is made up of a bunch of idiots that just don't learn from their mistakes! he's broken so many laws, made some horrible things law, and caused this country so much damage that it will take several decades to recover.