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Posted in Corner Time As Punishment on 2004-11-15 22:12:41

3 hours knelt on peas? Holding a book? Dear, excuse me, this seems to me more of a fantasy. 5 minutes would be bad I think, 20 minutes torture. Are you serious that you could bear 3 hours of that? Did you not die?

Posted in Corner Time As Punishment on 2004-11-12 19:22:57

I have seen in some MrPolls that CT often has to be done kneeling. Here is a poll that is more specific about that. http://www.misterpoll.com/98866179.html

Posted in Cornertime for girls over 18 on 2004-06-26 13:17:47

A good question Patricia, I have known some women who were spanked hard growing up and who later in life get turned on by this, and to more women who had hard cp as teens and who later will have NOTHING that reminds them of it! But most women I know who do like spanking never had any of it growing up. (So maybe no-spank is a better education for kids?) L.

========== In Reply To ========== And there we go Ale I often wonder if those who those who think that spanking is such a turn on are those who have never had to suffer the humiliation of one. Not to mention having to stand in the corner like some first grader for not having your lessons done. I'm sorry but I certanly didn't engough it one bit.


Posted in Do you have a Phat booty (female only) on 2004-06-18 19:44:25

Hi Jessica, reading the poll, I was sure it was made by a guy, a biggybutt fan. So pleased it was made by a woman. In Scandinavia women still think a tiny butt is the prettiest - how wrong can you get! (Well, among the young now there are some very sexy cases.) Poll:"Do you think it is popular to have a large butt.." It is. Most guys I talk to, in many countries, prefer a big butt and a firm waist. But there are still those who prefer a boylike butt ;-( I see some excellent white northern european type girls with a great butt, but not so many! The best still belong to the blacks and the mulatas! So go rumba girls.

Posted in Is Jennifer Lopez's butt big? on 2004-06-18 19:28:43

JL has a cute butt, but big it aint! Janet Jackson has a better (bigger) butt, at least some years ago when I saw her live. Big booty is in. At last! So dont get too slim.