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Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2005-01-04 21:10:00

Patti Thanks for the offer, I might take u up on it, sometime. I just wanted to post a note here. I just brought my husband home today he now has had implants and will no longer need the synthetic breasts. He is almost now a complete woman, but still has the male functioning part. This is where I want him to stay at this point although he has suggested maybe he should see if he could be castrated to even become more female. I do not believe I would want him to do that unless he loses his functioning as a male alltoghther because of the hormones he is on. I have him just the way I have always planned. A complete looking women but still my functioning mate in bed. Although it does take longer to get everything started then before, the sex is still great. He may eventually lose the use of his male member because of the hormones, but I hope he does not. I cannot wait untill we can both have our own chests together when making love. I have created my own complete fantasy shemale and it has taken quite a long time but I have enjoyed doing it.

Posted in Panties - Freedom of Choice on 2004-12-31 03:35:02

Your mother ounds like a smart girl. My husband and sons all wear panties too, all the time and we all like them and prefer them that way. Feminization of mals is the way to go.

Posted in Dress or a skirt as punishment on 2004-12-30 04:18:35

Doris, Many males can be made to dress this way and many actually love it. Young boys love soft silky nighties and soft panties and will not want to go back to the dull male stuff. Also many older males would like to give it a try but are just to afraid to get it started. suggest to your husband or Boyfriend that he try some panties or such and see what happens. he might suprise you, many would like to try it, but it may be necessary to suggest it more than just once. many a male would like for his mate to control him in some way and this is a great way to try it out. feminization of males leads to a greater outlook on the relationship and a much better understanding between the sexes. Try it, please, if you do not give it a try, you will probably regreat it later. My husband loves it and he now has the total look of a beautifull blonde women, he can pass for one anywhere and no one would suspect any difference. My three sons now look like 3 pretty little girls and we all get along just great. I have also helped mothers use it on their sons who were giving them trouble and always causing problems. You take a young boy 7- 13 or so, let him grow his hair out some and give him a girl makeover, you will be surprised my his total change in attitude and behavior. Some need to be started off slowly but it usually works. It gives many of them a total fresh start at things, that may have been causing them problems in their previous lifestyle and many do all right with feminization. I believe it is the way of the future. Plus many boys and young males actually make better looking girls then many real girls do. there really are a lot more of them out there then you realize.

Posted in Is it okay for men to wear nightshirts?? on 2004-12-30 03:56:34

My husband wears a silky nightie and panties to bed every night, we both love it and my sons also wear nightgowns to bed. The little boys love the soft frilly silky nighties and panties that they wear. More women should buy their husbands a nice conservative nightgown and see what happens, many would like it, once tried. Try it, they probably will like it if you suggest it and stick with it, many might need to be encouraged to try it, but will like the idea once they get over the initial shock. My husband loves to be feminate and it is really great.

Posted in Girls Crossdressing Guys on 2004-12-30 03:05:47


Mine dress that way because i wanted them too and yes they love it now. my husband can go anywhere any women can and no one would second guess that he is a male. My sons all look like little girls and love the stuff that i buy for them. i have helped others feminize their males and there are a lot more of them out there than you would think. It also seems to work well on boys who are in trouble alot, I have several mothers who i have helped to feminize their rebel rousing sons and most have made nice transitions to feminate.