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Mine has his own

My husband has been completly feminized by me. He always wanted to have breasts like any nice womens, hormones did not give him a chest, so we went with surgery. He now looks great and we love it.

Posted in For Guys and Girls/ Gynecomastia on 2005-01-06 18:24:30

My husband has had surgery with implants and today completly looks like a women, hormones did not give him breasts as he hoped but did give him other female caracteristics, so we went with surgery. I wanted him feminized so he did this for me. We are also raising our 3 sons as girls and all love it.

Posted in Guy breasts on 2005-01-06 18:20:51

My husband has been completly feminized by me and now even has breasts. He received implants, along with permanent makeup tatooed, both ears pierced, body hair removed and today lives complely as a women with me. we both love it. we also are raising our 3 sons as girls. Feminization of males is wht more women should do. Please consider it.

Posted in Does petticoating reallly happen? Spanked too? on 2005-01-06 18:16:52

Petticoating is a great way to get started on Feminizing your son or husband, boyfriend. Give them a certain period of time that they have to wear female stuff then come up with excuses for extending the time. If you want or they just continue to protest, try to make it a more permanent situation, a Feminized male is a much better person and easier to get along with. many will actually learn to like being female and will not want to go back. My husband and sons are all feminized and we all enjoy it very much. my husband looks more like a women then most you would see in any given day. He goes everywhere dressed as a woman and passes for one evryday. I love all four of my sissie guys and they all love me.

Posted in Petticoat punishment on 2005-01-06 17:42:41

petticoating punishment is a great punishment for both disobedient boys and husbands. Today it is often used my wives and mothers who want to feminize their sons or mates. You tell them they have to dress feamle for a specific period of time usually 3 days or longer, say a week, Then everytime they cause a upset or complain you make the punishment longer. Eventually you may find that many guys start liking it,, then you can start to partly or permanently feminize them. My husband now dresses as a woman full time and my sons are all being raised as girls. i did not use petticoating punishment on them, but I pretty much guided them into the fem lifestyle. My boys i just started dressing them as girls, no choice to them. My husband was wearing womens panties when i met him and confessed, that he liked other womens clothing, so i just gradually got him to wear more and more and then just got rid of all of his male items. I have helped other mothers feminized their sons by first starting at petticoating punishment and today many still dress as girls all or most of time. The feminization of males in todays society is what we need in this world. it also calms disobedient boys and makes them calmer more compasionate people.