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Posted in boys in skirts on 2005-01-10 20:34:08

i am glad most are supportive, i am currently raising my 3 sons as girls and they seem so content as girls that i am so glad that I have decided to raise them as ones. More mothers should consider raising their sons as females, it is definetly a lifestyle that can be directed into and it is not as some believe a feeling just born within certain people. I have helped others to raise their trouble rousing sons in a more feminate way and they seem to be doing better as feminized males.

Posted in Have You Ever Dressed Like a Girl? on 2005-01-10 20:04:47

My husband loves to dress as a girl and now my sons all do too, it is great and more males should try it.

Posted in Falling asleep while dressed up on 2005-01-10 19:44:00

my husband

My husband was just about 10 when he was home all alone one evening, he went into his sisters room and got dressed in one of her dresses and complete outfits with panties, bra, slip and his mothers wig. he was playing in her room because he was not expecting anyone home until late that evning, well he fell alseep all dreesed up as a girl and his mother and sister came in and found him and took pictures of him before waking him up. His mother made him sleep in a pair of his sisters pajamas and panties that night and took his picture in them too. he was terrified and frightened by really loved it but was ashamed of being caught. Since we have been married i have completely feminized him and he now dresses as a women all of the time. We love it and he and I have also feminized our sons who dress as girls all of the time.

Posted in Should I make him a maid? on 2005-01-10 19:13:41

Seems2me. Many guys love to be forced to dress as a girl. too bad someone did not do it with you sometime. It would probably made you a better person, maybe you would like it or really already do and are just afraid to admit it. Just because a guy likes to wear panties or a dress, does not mean he is gay. Just because your ignorant does not mean that you are a freak but many who read these polls believe that the feminization of males is what this world needs and others like you should just be castrated. Mind you though that is my opinion but I really don't care about your opinion. Some day you will find out first hand that women are indeed the superior sex and for you it will be tooo late.

Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2005-01-10 18:13:03

Patti & BB47 If you or anyone else on these polls would like to e-mail me please do. Thanks penny32@myself.com