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Posted in Househusband Duties ? on 2005-01-12 03:35:46

There are fakes in these polls but there is reality too. My husband enjoys dressing as a female and we both love it. I am the major breadwinner and he does most of the housework and takes careof the kids more then I do. he dresses as a women all of the time, during housework, out shopping or socially, he works on an internet business from home so it has not caused any problems with his endeavers. I love his full female look from the Blonde hair down to his panties. More women should consider feminizing their males, I believe there will be a lot more of them in the near future.

Posted in How do men and women like full female thighs? on 2005-01-12 03:21:15

After giving birth to my 3 sons i am not the same women i was in college. i gained quite a bit of weight, but most of it is in my chest and thighs. My husband thinks i look great with a fuller figure and i must say i get more compliments on my body now then i did before when i was thinner. i really like the fuller look.

Posted in Should Clothes Be Restircted to Designated Sexes on 2005-01-12 03:00:22

My husband wears womens clothing all of the time, at my instruction and he has been completly feminized.

Posted in Homosexuality and Cross-dressing on 2005-01-10 21:19:48

My husband is completly feminized by me and looks completly like a woman. He is straight and there are a lot of others out there like him. he has been on hormones to look more womanishly and has even had surgery to increase his breast size but he only likes women and has never considered a man. we are also raising our 3 sons as girls and like them all feminized. They make the cutest little girls.

Posted in What should a male Maid of Honor wear in a wedding? on 2005-01-10 21:04:42

My husband has been completly feminized by me and he too has beenin several weddings. First at our own I wore a bridal dress and he wore a womens blue pantsuit and white blouse. In his sisters wedding he was a bidesmaide and wore the same dress style as the other attendents, for his cousins wedding he wore a womens pantssuit as a groomsman. For a good friend of ours wedding we were both bridesmaides and both wore dresses. He totally looks like a female and really no one fussed at any event but i know he was definetly the talk of the town after and during the receptions. Many who did not know that he was a male had no idea until someone brought it to their attention. He almost always wears a dress to any formal or important event we go to. When we went to a wedding just as guests last month, we both wore dresses and some people thought we we a lesbian couple. that caused quite a stir until the bride wanted to see our pictures of our 3 sons to show her friends. All three dress as girls all of the time and have long hair and dresses in the pictures. That was quite an event just talking about our sons to the people there. Some were offended but several thought we were raising 3 nice looking little kids and hoped us the best.