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My husband and sons all wear panties all of the time, they are more comfortable and they all prefer them.

Many guys love to wear womens clothing and many others are just too afraid to give it a try but would like too. Many straight guy love it and there is nothing wrong with it. my husband and sons all dress as females and we love it and i prefer it that way. Go ahead and wear what you like if you don't u will regret it later. just cause you want to wear girl cloths does not mean your gay. many guys love it and go for it. thanks. many guys should be feminized some, it is the way it should be. please give it a try even more. Grow your hair, wear panties and a bra, live life for you not omeone else. Most people won't even notice or care. many girls would love to feminize a guy. look arround you might find one.

Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2005-02-10 18:45:09

If all above is true then Paul should just dress as a girl all of the time and attend school dressed as a girl. If he already dresses as a girl after school and weekends, he might just as well dress as one all of the time. many young boys would love to be in his situation and would enjoy being girlish. if he chooses to dress as a girl, there is no crime involved and I am sure his friends will support him. I have been involved with many mothers who have feminized their sons and sometime mates and most of them today love being a girl much more then a boy. I have just talked to another woman last week whoose husband came back from a 2 week vacation (a few months ago) where she thought he had been on a business trip but came home with breast implants. Seems she had feminized their son and had mentioned that maybe her husband should give it a try. But he didn't seem to interested in it or was just afraid to try. He decided to come home with breasts and surprise her, after thinking about it for over a year, he decided he wanted to become a feminite male. He completely surprised her and she was shocked about his surgery, after the initial shock wore off, she said he now wears a bra all of the time even when he still occasionally wears mens clothing. They are now getting along great and he now wears womens blouses that accentuate his breasts and is having a great time as a shemale and his wife loves his new breasts and image. There are a lot more feminite males out there that most people do not even know about, most just pass as female veryday and no one supects them. My husband is completly feminized and feminite men make the best companions and lovers.

Posted in Cosmetics for guyz? Hot or Not? on 2005-01-17 01:01:12

Cosmetics for guys is great. Many men today need to feminized by a loving partner or mother and makeup is being used today by many males. My husband lives and dresses as a women today at my request and instruction, he looks great and our sons are also being raised a girls. Many more men wopuld like to be feminized but need a strong women to stand behind them and help them do it and encourage them so they don't feel gay or weird. My expierience with feminized men is that many are straight, but like the womanishly looks and pleasures. My friends and i all prefer fem men and they make the best lovers and companions,

Posted in Transgender Behaviour on 2005-01-12 03:48:03

my husband is a straight man who dresses as a woman all of the time. many people who find out that he is a male just assume he is gay. there are a lot of men who would love to do it but do not like being labeled gay or queer. He is complely feminized by me and we both enjoy it. i love to help others feminize their sons and husbands or boyfriends. they make much better lovers and are much more understanding to our feelings.