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Posted in OK To Wear Girls Clothes? on 2004-12-09 18:45:05

My husband and sons are all completly feminized by me. We all love it and it has been great. Many guys out there would like it to happen to them others should have it happen to them. Many more girls ought to feminize their males down some. It makes things so much more interesting and they always seem to be so calm and understanding. The transformation of my husband from the panty wearing man I met years ago to the beautful Blonde lady he is today is my crowning accomplishment. He and my sons look great and we all love it. give it a try. Even if just part time.

Posted in Dress or a skirt as punishment on 2004-12-09 18:36:50

Best way

It may not be the best way for punishment, but more females should feminize their husbands, Bf or sons. I have completly feminized my husband and 3 sons we all love it and think it is fantatic. I have helped others feminize their males and most really like it afterwise. Many a guy would actually loved to have it happen to then and many who do not now about it actually like it after trying. It is the way for the future for all open minded strong females. My husband has the looks, style and clothes of a complete female at all times. He really loves it along with our 3 sons. I am currently helping some friends feminize their males. Many are out there who have done it,it is just that so many of them are so good at it that many pass full time. Often the feminized male looks more like a real women because there is more attention applied to detail and looks. This is especially true in younger males and boys.

Posted in sissy boys on 2004-12-09 18:10:45

Feminized men and boys make the best companions. I have completely feminized my 3 sons and husband and we all love it. Many men love being feminized by females and it gives them many advantages. try it.

Posted in up skirts on 2004-12-09 18:08:15

A feminized man is the best option available to girls today. try feminizeng him down some, they are usually much better behaved and lots of them really love it. You don't have to cut anything off. Just get him started on some panties, maybe a nightie or paying attention and playing with his hair. Most guys who try panties love them and don't go back. I have completly feminized my husband and sons and it is great. They now wear the skirt and dresses too, and yes my husband has had guys try to look up his skirt, but only because they thought he was a girl. I have helped others feminize their males and am currently helping a friend set up her 3 sons and her husband will follow. Many men and boys love it. Note not GAY guys, leave them alone, I am talking about straight guys or young boys. They usually love it but it sometimes takes a plan and some convincing. My guys look great and we all love it.

Posted in Boys in Girl's Clothes on 2004-12-09 17:30:22

My husband and sons all dress as girls all of the time at my request and instruction. I have completly feminized them and am now going to help my friend feminize her husband, who shows some signs of maybe being interested and also we are going go buy some clothes for her 3 sons, who are 6, 9 & 14. The oldest has already shown a lot of interest in his older sisters clothing and she has already found him dressing in her stuff. One time she came home in the late evening and found him laying in his bed completely dressed in his sisters stuff and he had fallen asleep (he was 10 then), Since then she has let him experiment with dressing as a girl for Halloween and let his hair grow out and has it styled by her stylist. We have a plan to take him out shopping first later this week and are going to take him out and have his hair permed highligted, nails done and ears pierced. He doesn't know it yet, But she plans on him going to school like that with girls slacks, jeans and tops, shoes and jewelry. She already told his girlfriend what she plans on doing and she got really excited about it and can't wait and wants to be at our house waiting for him when he gets back. We think it will make it a lot easier for him when she is arround to help him through the first steps. The 6 and 9 year old are just getting panties and nightgowns this week and we will be starting on them after the oldest is on his way back at school that way. The 6 year old will be easy, but the 9 year old will need some gentle coaxing but he seems comfortable arround my sons, so I think it will work out. The father knows of our plans for the boys and is accepting it but he thinks his wife just wants him to dress up a little at home with her. She has him in panties now and occasionally he sleeps in a teddy or nightgown but once the boys are started up some we plan on concentrating on him. He is a tall thin built male and she has been slowly been grooming him for this project. Then She met me and my sons and couldn't believe it, especially when she met my husband. Her husbands hair is a good 5-6" long and we plan on taking him out for a nice layerd cut, perm and some red highlights. He has nice soft features, so he should look good with some makeup, he has a very lite facial hair so it should not show at all. I can't wait to help her get him all set up. He knows what the plan is for the sons, so I think he kinda expects that he will be next. I can't wait to help her.