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Posted in who is the superior gender? on 2004-12-29 14:10:18

Talk to your wife about it and let her know your feelings, tell her that you want to be feminized, she just may love the idea. Start out slow but firmly, let her be in control. Go out and by all female underwear for you and your sons. If they are young they will love soft frilly nighties and panties, and I am sure you will too. Start out with some unisex clothing and get your hair styled in a longer fashion. If your wife likes the idea, let her go with it and it will be great for all of you. Most people inpublic won't even give you a second thought about it, just go ahead and do it. Any other questions, keep me posted.

Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2004-12-29 13:58:30

Enon, You go girl. You sound like a great mother, I too have feminized my 3 sons along with my husband who all live as females. You should have been more demanding with your husband, if he agreed to part of the feminizing he probably deep down would like to do it more, but may need just a more demanding role on your part to go farther with it. If all 3 sons are feminized, I would continue on him and make him more also. My husband is and it was at my firm demands and guidence, that he has become as female as most girls. It is very exhilerating and we both love it now and it has been the most for our on personal relationship. I would love to meet you and your 3 sons, so my own sons could see even more males like themselves. I know a lot of mothers who have feminized their males but would always love to meet more.

Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2004-12-27 17:13:19

Last week we took out my friends 13 year old and gave him a complete girl makeover. He has been in a lot of trouble at school and with other things so his mother wanted to tone him down some. He had been warned about his mother insisting they try this but he had been very scared that she would actually go through with it. With the help of his older sister and the fact that he was about to be sent to Juvenile Hall because of all the trouble he had been in lately unless his attitude about life improves, he reluctantly went along with it. Thinking that his mother would only make him do it for a short time and then everything would go back to his way. She had no intention of this being just a trial thing, she had all of his boys stuffed removed when we got back home with him. She plans on him going back to school next week in al girls jeans, slacks, shirts, blouses and such. He had shoulder length dirty blond hair, which she had cut and styled like a teenage girl. It is now styled like his 14 year old sisters with a spiral perm, bangs and lite highlighting. He had to go to the stylist with us in a pair of girls slacks, blouse, complete with training bra, panties and girls sneakers. He hardly said a word the whole time at the saloon and the stylist did not even know at first that he was a boy until we confided what we were doing to him and that we wanted him to look very much like agirl when she was done. He looked great and his mother took him out and bought him complete girls wardrobe, mostly pants and jeans, but did buy a dress and a couple of skirts. He is terrified about having to go to school next week with the hair the way it is and has begged to have it changed. Although his sister has informed us that he liked the hair but was afraid of what the kids at school will say about it. She made him dress as a girl and go to the mall with her with skirt, blouse, pantyhose and lite makeup on. She had his ears pierced, plus had his nails done, (which he does not have to wear to school next week, unless he causes to much fuss over what she wants him to do. She told him that if he complains to much, she was going to take him downtown where his buddies hang out dressed in a pink dress and full makeup and parade him arround to see what they think of it. So he has become compliant because he knows if he complains it will be worse or Juvenille detention will be the next step. His sister and his 13 year old girlfriend are taking pretty good care of incouraging him and his girlfriend thinks it is great that he now looks like this. With her acceptence of this, he seems to be getting along with it and I think this will help him get along better with his new look. They are planning on taking him out a few places this week to get him to realize that, no one who does not know him will ever suspect that he is indeed not a girl. His mothers sister seems very interested in this and has even considered maybe trying this with her own son, who now at 9 has been very uncontrollable and is considering to litly feminizing him to see if it will help his temperment. She wants to just start him on some items like girls PJs, shirts, jeans and white underwear and just have his short hair shaped up a little like a young girls. This is not the only time I have helped a mother with a disobedient son, One I helped is now 15 and along with his 11 year old brother, they both dress as girls most of the time, have long straight hair, wear girls jeans, slacks, shirts, shoes, underwear almost all times but do not wear dresses or skirts. They have both become better behaved and more friendly and have now become almost model students and although still do many boy things look very much like girls almost all of the time.

Posted in Guy wearing female clothing on 2004-12-10 01:40:20

mine do

All my guys dress as girls. I have completely feminized my husband and sons. They love it, look completly female and I get many compliments from people when they find out.

Posted in Male servants (for females) on 2004-12-10 01:35:41

Women are in control, I have completely feminized my husband and sons. We all like it and think it is great. More women should try it. I have helped others do it to their hubands and sons and mot of the time it works out rather well. There are a lot more of them out there than people realize.