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Posted in Opinion please on Guys in Kilts on 2006-10-17 14:04:21

and of course wear it properly - and you know what tha tmeans i hope. hehe

Posted in Bush the next hitler on 2006-10-17 13:43:59

well, nothing except use laws like th eanti-terrorist type stuff to strip away your rights, your dignity and your clothes. Yep, all this hype about making a country secure is merely window dressing to try to placate the people into believing the government is protectign them. All the while they are conditioning people to bend to the will of government every time you try to board an airplane (and even subways, trains and buses). As well, the new safe schools act is promising to entrench the rights of teachers to search students. Now I know it does nto specifically say strip search, but that is going to be the result; groups of students standing naked while teachers search for drugs, weapons and other unlawful items and all with only suspicion and not probable cause. And then think about all the police forces who routinely strip search everyone they arrest. Sure there are supposed ot be protections but when they arrest you they take control and their goal is to lower your self worth through humiliation thus stripping you naked is the best means to do it. So, if you want to eliminate this humiliation and control factor, the best thign to do is go naked and not give a darn who looks at you. That way the powers that be lose that element of humiliation since you will always be nude.

Posted in boys showering infront of girls on 2006-10-17 13:25:40

you're perfectly right. Once a girl is old enough to know what the difference is between guys and girls she knows what a guy has hanging between his legs. Sure your equipment and mine might differ a little in size or pigmentation or hairiness but we all have what we have, everyone knows exactly what we have and there is no point hiding it. So we should all get away from using terms like private parts and just relax when it comes to being naked or being seen naked or seeing others naked. Even for us guys when we sport an eraction why be embarassed, everyone else knows about them so all they are seeing is perfectly natural. So, guys, strip off your clothes, make your private parts public and let anyone who wants to look.

Posted in Guy Poll on 2006-10-02 13:49:47

Hmmm are there really 29% of guys who won't look at another guy's p#nis? Amongst my friends we all look and we even talk about them pretty openly. It's just natural to be curious and want to see what other guys have. So, I bet those who say they don't look are sneaking peeks aren't they? Weird thign is when I'm naked around other guys I'd prefer they look at my body rather than the ceiling or off into space. When they look away it says they think there's somethign wrong with being naked which of course there isn't. It feeels good to be naked; a real sense of freedom. So, next time you see a guy naked feel free to look (just don;t stare since staring isn't polite).

Posted in Guy Poll on 2006-10-02 13:44:48

11% say they don't $%!@e? That's hard to believe. C'mon guys, we all do it so you might as well admit it; nothing wrong with enjoying a little personal pleasure. I $%!@e daily and most of th eguys I know do it at least 3 or 4 times a week; a few go for it a couple or more times a day.