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Posted in Do you like Rush Limbaugh? on 2006-01-12 06:31:20

If you are listening to Rush every day as you say you are, perhaps you can remember when he was talking about drug addicts. He stated that they should be thrown in jail for a veyr long time, possibly shot because they will never get better.

Now, we realize how much of a hipocritical greaseball he's been the whole time...he was found as addicted to oxycontin, and then did not follow his own rule for "jerk" drug addicts...The only time I listen to Rush is when I want a good laugh, because he's so ignorant I could just choke. And when he was invited to cover a football game with Michael Vick in it? That was a mistake. H knew nothing, and claimed that Vick was terrible and the only reason for recognition was that he was black...oops he won the heisman in college, which uses voting from many sources, and i do believe it includes the public...which is largely discriminatory.

i, as the maker of this poll, listen to rush everyday. he is the greatest and if some of you liberals would listen to him, i am POSITIVE he could show you how dumb liberals are making themselves look!

Posted in FANTASY CAMPAIGN: BILL CLINTON VS. GEORGE W. BUSH on 2005-12-07 04:48:47

In response to RightWngGrrr: Bush drug us into a useless war in Iraq that has proven almost no good except for innocent people dead and a few leaders captured or killed. That's it. No WMDs, No capabilities of nuclear weapons. If you ask me, Bush lied more than Clinton did. At least Clinton admitted it after a while.

Also, if you think Bush is a git-r-dun workhorse, you are greatly mistaken. Out of every single president in the history of the US, Bush has spent THE MOST time on vacation on his ranch in Texas. Roaming around the countryside, hunting animals that you dont even eat (which is pigheaded in itself), and genneraly rotting his non-existent brain is extremely hard work if you ask me. Why, I even know a few people who might pay to do that...but Bush is getting paid for his job (400,000 a year...study civics and economics if you don't believe me...and he doesnt have to spend a dime of it), and he's doing a crappy job. He should be fired, like every citizen would be if they were doing a horrible job and LYING. (by the way...I happen to be one of those 16 year olds...so sad that I know more than you about the government...I happen to study US history in a very difficult course, and have a 98 average....and in Civics I finished with a high A as well, meaning I know my stuff...)

By the way: Clinton's economy was leagues above that of Bush...now yes Bush is fighting a war, but it's a senseless one...he's just trying to fix what his daddy didn't finish.

In response to President Strauss: "Bush doesn't care about polls" no duh...if he's trying to please the public he's even MORE stupid than I thought...

Quote: "There's nothing wrong with being proud of living in the best country in the world" First of all, this is not the best country in the world. While yes, we drive the biggest cars, have the bigger TVs, the bigger houses, and the more military might, that does not make us the best nation by any means. The only thing we're "best" at is ruining the environment (the US uses 98 exajoules each year of energy...that means that we are the highest user in the world, meaning that we WASTE...also, 91% of our energy comes from fossil fuels, meaning that we pollute more than any other nation as well...o yea, have you been into the west mining areas lately? I've heard the waters really nice and filled with sulfuric acid and mine tailings due to a lack of regulations...).

Quote: "doesn't mean we "wave guns around, and quote the Bible."" The person that you quoted was trying to make a point: the only people he thought were capable of being extreme(ly ignorant) Bush supporters were hardcore Christian FUNDAMENTALISTS (ooo...heard that word lately? Wasn't that the word Bush described all those people in the middle east? Well he's one himself...just look at how he's controlling the government) who were rednecks.

Quote: "I'll keep on choosing my leaders by way of who is smarter and better fit to run the country, even if they did choke on a pretzel" HAHAHAHAHA...Bush is number one: not smarter. There was a direct corrolation in the states that Bush won in the 2004 election between IQ and who they voted for...states with the lowest average IQ went for Bush, states with the higher average IQ voted Kerry...coincedence? I think not. Number 2: Bush is not fit to run the country...at all....he got in from his dad. He graduated from yale....whoopee...how'd he get in? His dad. How did he do at Yale? Average...but that's what our country is though right...average? That's only on our good days.

Posted in Gay Marriages on 2005-12-07 04:16:37

There has been scientific evidence that they have found the "gay" gene in humans. Also, homosexual behavior is seen in the animal kingdom as well: there are gay champanzees and orangatans. The last time I checked, I don't think people crave discrimination and threats of laws that are designed te have them be unable to marry. Also, this sancity of marriage thing is always coming up whenever I hear about gay marriage. There is no sanctity in marriage anymore anyways: there are too many divorces for marriage to have any meaning. If you really want to protect the sanctity of marriage, why don't you outlaw divorce?

"Do they get money too? From what I'm hearing the answer is suppose to be yes." Actually the answer is no...the reparations means that it will give financial reparations to those with slavery in their lineage.

"Slavery is just the red herring being used to pick america's financial pocket." If you have ever been to the south, you have reaped the rewards of unpaid labor from slavery. It has been estimated that if the slaves were to be paid wages like averyone else doing their work at that time, the government owes them $65 billion. That's outright wrong. So if you've ever ever been to the south, you should pay back to the slaves, for they created that land.

If you really don't want to pay for reparations, then you could move out of the country. Too bad the african americans can't, because they don't have the financial means as their ancestors were jipped for 400 years. And it wasn't their choice to come here either: they were forced here. If someone drug you out of the US, then took you into Africa to do slave labor without pay or rights in the heat of the summer, you would probably kill yourself. I have the utmost respect for African Americans for their ancestors survived to live. They truly wanted to live. They found hapiness in family. You probably find happiness driving your car, going to concerts, and living in YOUR house...oo bad the slaves couldnt own anything...they had no rights.

The real slaves are dead...true. But the scars are not.

And by the way, at the current rate, blacks will be the majority in this country.

The economic scars are still clerly visible in our world today. In the Reconstruction period after the Civil War, after the slaves were freed (the slaves were brought over here against their will by the way...most of the south was built through their labor, meaning that if you live in the south, you should be extremely grateful for the slaves, otherwise you may not be here), there was a period in which freedmen (freed slaves) could have been compensated for, and oculd have gained economic promise through the redistribution of land. However, the government failed to capitalize on the opportunity, and allowed old white landowners to gain and buy the land...the slaves had nothing to buy the land with. They had nothing. And this was the fault of the country. They allowed the evil institution of slavery to continue too long...long after everyone had abolished it...this is why the British refused to fight alongside the Confederacy, which allowed the Union to win the war. Goin back to the freedmen, if they were offered "40 acres and a Mule," as promised by some radical republican leaders of the time, the economic trend of African Americans being poorer would be much different, for the freedmen had many farming skills, but no land to farm. Thus, the sharecropping system was put into affect, basically returning the south into a state of slavery, as the blacks were bound to the land again. The government failed to stop this system as well, and this is why the economic situation is so poor for the freed slaves. This contradicts what you said: "they are looking for a government handout..." for they were denied protection from the government, far from getting a "free handout", failing to follow the clause "all men are created equal" that our government so "vehemently" follows.