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Posted in Islam daughter on 2009-05-04 23:40:49

Hello Zeki,

This is a good way of making your daughter getting used to veil her face! Is she still covering, and what does she wear niqab/burqa?


Posted in Uniform, swimwear, respect and discipline on 2009-02-01 22:38:24

Kneeling is the purest form of showing respect. it also shows obedience to your parents. The ways you address your parents is an important part of showing respect too.

Posted in Back door fun! on 2008-08-20 22:57:08

We have $%!@ sex too. My wife wears a chastitybelt with a metal analplug to train her anus. Weekly i changed the size of the plug. Now she wears a plug the right size. Her anus now is the perfect size to use sexually.

Posted in Uniform, swimwear, respect and discipline on 2008-02-17 23:59:12

At first they where not happy and reluctant to kneel, but now they are well aware that kneeling approved their behaviour. They now are ok. We don't have to ask them to kneel when it is time, they do it bij theirselves. They kneel on a hard floor. When they are punished they kneel on rice or a pice of broomstick. They kneel to their two younger brothers too, because we believe a strict male dominated household. They call them Sir. When grounded they kneel to them upon entering too.

Our daughters are used to this and have accepted this way of life.

Posted in Uniform, swimwear, respect and discipline on 2008-02-11 00:31:42

Our daughters must kneel to us 15 minutes every morning before school. They must kneel 15 minutes too every evening before going to bed. As a sign of respect they must call us Sir and Ma'am.

Whenever they are punished(spanked) they must kneel afterward and thank and appoligize to us. When they are grounded they must kneel upon entering a room we are in or when they enter a room they are in as a sign of respect.

We have some friens who use this form of discipline too. Their daughters are behaving very well too.