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Posted in Guys wearing short shorts on 2014-12-31 21:55:13

I'm in my early 50's and though I'm in good shape for my age, not overweight or anything, I only wear shorts like I would have in my younger days (1970's and 1980's) around the house as they aren't as flattering as they would have been back then. But, I've always hated the trend of the last nearly 30 or so years of long shorts, some of which have been ridiculously baggy and over the knees. I'm starting to see the trend reverse finally and more guys are wearing what I consider normal shorts (they aren't "short shorts" they are just "shorts"). I live in Southern California and have noticed this more in the past couple of years.

Posted in Sitting Indian Style in a chair on 2012-07-10 20:56:45

Thanks to those of you who voted in this poll. It seems the majority of those who have taken this poll so far don't think it's that big a deal for a guy to sit indian style in a chair. To clarify, I don't mean one leg over the other but both feet on the chair like you might do if you are sitting on the ground. I do have to admit though that since making this poll, I have observed what others do, and other than young children of both genders, I usually mostly see teenage girls and young women do this, but occasionally I'll see a guy, usually younger, sitting cross legged in a chair in some public place like the library.

Posted in Length of shorts (males only) on 2010-04-08 21:08:11

I grew up in the 70's and 80's and I don't understand why some people think that guys who would prefer to wear shorter shorts must be gay. I grew up when it was normal for straight boys and men to wear short shorts. Athletes wore them. Men and boys of various ages did too. I don't even really like the term "short shorts." They are just shorts. I don't mind the look of some knee length shorts, or some that come just below the knee, but the ones that are really baggy and come down to just above the ankle are the most rediculous things I've ever seen.

Posted in Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings on 2004-12-21 07:29:21

Harry Potter vs. LOTR

I like Harry Potter movies, but Lord of The Rings kicks their a$$.

Posted in Iraq and Other Countries on 2004-06-22 19:11:33

That should have been one of the choices for the last question.