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If you mean by out walking that you're hill or trail walking then the answer is simple - get those briefs off and enjoy the liberated feeling of being bare underneath, hanging free and the fresh air circulating under your kilt. It is also recommended to wear a short length shirt ie one that does not reach much below the waist, so that you are completely bare under apart from your kilt and can enjoy the feeling of your kilt moving against you. OK so its possible some may see up your kilt when climbing over fences, stiles and so on, but they'll either enjoy the view or politely look away (usually the former!). In either event no-one will complain.

When larping, it is true that to be authentic you should also be bare underneath, but to be truly authentic you should actually be wearing a long shirt so that if/when you fall to the ground with your kilt up at least you will be partially covered rather than lying there for 15mins with your bare bum exposed! In the olden days this is what the highlanders wore, and on occasions discarded the kilt and fought in their shirts, but this might be a step too far for you!

Posted in Kilts as School Uniform on 2014-11-17 02:37:47

Back in the 40s/50s/up to late 60s when kilts were commonly worn as part of a school uniform, by far and away the most common type of kilt underwear was girls cotton school knickers (NOT gym knickers which are a completely different garment) - the most popular colours were bottle green or navy blue, depending on which coordinated best with the particular tartan - these were indeed marketed as regular kilt underwear for boys and as such were happily worn under school kilts.

Posted in Kilt School Uniform on 2013-09-06 16:56:51

kilt + leather strap = well behaved boy

Posted in School Uniform on 2013-07-05 12:07:09

Boys should wear as above except for kilts instead of short trousers

Posted in Kilts as School Uniform on 2012-12-28 00:26:25

Most parents consider boxer shorts to be unsuitable for under the kilt for 2 reasons - firstly the loose fitting could easily result in accidental exposure of "boy's bits", and secondly the legs of the boxers could be visible with the swing of the kilt whereas with briefs the kilt has to swing quite highly before any underwear becomes visible. The tighter boxerbriefs or trunks, being close fitting and short-legged, are equally acceptable.