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Posted in are there alot of fights at your school? on 2004-10-15 21:39:08

...IS FUN!! The best fight I've been in was a with a 19 Year Old, he walked into our school and started trying to tackle (Offensively, not Playful) me so I punched him in his Privates when he keeled over I whacked him in his face, so he went up and then tripped him over and started punching his face. I did go a bit too far and broke his lower Jaw and Nose, the best fight after that was when I broke someone's arm. I don't care about getting into trouble, I got three weeks after school and lunch detentions after that, not to mention the rest of the term in isolation. (If you are American then you may not know what the hell isolation is)

Posted in New Year 7's on 2004-09-15 19:29:13

I'm in Year 10 now, the new Year 7's are so annoying, they walk around with their top buttons up and ties up, I mean I got my first Detention of the Year Today, it was at break with the CDT Teacher, yet they'll be at the School for like 2 Years before they get any Detentions.

Posted in School uniform/punishments on 2004-09-08 19:29:05

At my school the Headteacher has decided to enforce School Uniform before we all used to wear Ties loose and top buttons undone. But now if we're caught by the Head of Year we'll get Detention for it. We still don't wear everything though especially at Break and Lunch when I take my tie off, Sweater off and have my top button undone. I usually am like this going home on the bus as well.

Posted in Character Battles PART 2 on 2004-08-18 20:10:38

erm...DAVID BECKHAM HA HA. Yeah he'd kick his opponent in the balls.And Britney Spears would sing'oops I FARTED AGAIN'. Seifer would win because he'd straight slice the Zombie Cop's Head Off. I agree with ya'll about Skywalker

Posted in Favorite Bands on 2004-08-17 19:35:17

Where the hell was the Rappers