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Posted in Pregnancy and Overpopulation on 2007-08-28 18:36:34

Well then expand human territory, as each and every human life is sacred, and so we ought not to interfere with each baby's creation.

Don't pollute one's own body directly, with nasty, awkward, experimental, potions or poisons commonly called contraceptives.

Posted in The abortion poll on 2005-03-19 03:16:19

Who do we think we are to take or try to prevent human life?

When God commanded people to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, wouldn't that mean not to use "preventative measures" to limit family size?

Whatever happened to getting married, and letting babies happen when they happen?

Posted in Hard in Public on 2005-03-19 03:01:30

Uh, don't $%!@ just get hard for no reason?

I don't care, just so long as they keep it to themselves and don't flaunt it.

Don't $%!@ just get hard, for no reason at all sometimes?

Fact of life, get over it. Ignore it and go on.

Posted in A Better Pro-population "overpopulation" poll. on 2005-01-27 02:58:55

I would have to agree with you completely: I live in the U.K., and I would be in favour of something being done about the population as it is getting out of hand.

What do you say we start by eliminating the "overpopulation" whiners? Wouldn't it seem less "crowded," if we could get rid of the population "control" freak whiners?

"Stop global whining."

Why is it that it is always "the other person" who causes "overpopulation?" Don't you take up space too?

If you think the population is "getting out of hand," it's your option to move to the countryside if you want. But don't expect all those people to just stop existing. You don't have to look at them all. You can go inside and read a book, or play video games.

Posted in Do you pick your nose? on 2005-01-27 02:50:55

Just pick your nose and get that crap out, hopefully when nobody is looking.

And if that stupid liberal actor, Whoopi Goldberg thinks it is gross to see somebody pick their nose, in their own car, well then she doesn't have to spy on me through my car windows, now does she? Maybe I think it is just as gross for her to open her mouth to make stupid remarks on TV then?

At least I don't have a cellular phone to yack away on while I am driving.

Doesn't everybody occasionally have to pick their nose? So where do adults get off telling little children to get their finger out of their nose, making them figure out to go hide somewhere to sneak a pick at their nose? At least give them a few options. "Go to the bathroom to do that." "Go get some tissue or toilet paper, and make sure you put in in the trash. Don't eat it.--Gross."