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Posted in The WWF Champions on 2002-04-01 11:54:26

From the poll results, most people either must be very new to wrestling and not know anything, or just voting for anyone. How can the rock be considered the best champion of all. He hasn't fought any legendary battles and won. He's a joke. And the Ultimate Warrior is cleary the best Intercontinental Champion. This poll really disappoints me. Wake up people, learn a little something about wrestling.

Posted in Mildred Best Band (Rock) on 2002-03-28 03:25:27

Weall know who im going to pic but what bout the rest of ya's

Posted in Is religion contradictory? on 2002-03-19 23:33:22

========== In Reply To ========== Quote: When Byorn Borg described the results of his Quantum Physics

I thought that guy was a tennis player. What the hell does he know about Quantum Physics?

Posted in I Was Spanked Poll on 2002-03-03 01:54:51

Don't pick on Nick, you horny bitch! If you weren't interested in this subject, you wouldn't have been on line to remark about it.

Why don't you bare your $%!@, sit on the toilet, fart, $%!@ and stink the way we know you're capable of. I'll bet your hairy $%!@ could stink the ladies' to the point where people would flee.

Be sure and wipe your $%!@ carefully so you don't leave brown $%!@ stains in your panties, you fecal-smelling piece of excrement!

Posted in Middle School Guys and Girls on 2002-02-27 23:42:11

========== In Reply To ========== on some of these polls are kinda private so dont put too much stuff it could be private

I agree that many answers are "private" questions, but the good thing about these polls. NO ONE will ever know how YOU answered any question. Your answers just go into the "poll" and are NOT associated with YOU.

Thanks for your question and concern.