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Posted in Boys Underwear Poll (10-17) on 2002-05-28 02:48:19

========== In Reply To ========== I think briefs rule, boxers suck. Briefs are so much more comfortable than boxers , boxers are way too loose. I like mostly Jockey, and also Penney's briefs.More and more boys at school are going back to briefs instead of boxers, too, I see them everyday, and more are changing to briefs instead of boxers. I am 15, in tenth grade.

Posted in Girls strong legs and leg wrestling on 2002-05-01 00:40:21

Yes, it's possible for girls to be stronger, but the posts below this are lies probably. When will females stop downing men?

Posted in The Twilight Zone (1959-64) on 2002-04-18 01:13:30

Thanks for voting in the TZ survey. It has given some predictable results and some interesting surprises.

Are there any additions that anyone might like to suggest to make this poll more interesting to revisit?

Posted in Bathroom habits on 2002-04-08 06:15:10

I consider myself a very clean person- I shower everyday and am very clean about my person in every other way. But as a male- I have a question for other guys Why "must" one wash his hands after peeing? You do not pee on your hands. Usually at a urinal or toilet I just let down the top of my briefs- and just pee like that. Even ig I must have minimal touching to direct the flow- i just barely touch the outer skin of my $%!@- Since I shower every morning and twice if I go to the Y - which I do about three days a week-- I don;t believe there is anything unclean about not washing my hands just cause i pee. Any others agree--- or disagree thanks

Posted in Mildred Best Band (Rock) on 2002-04-05 04:47:56

========== In Reply To ========== it's like...trendy pop....god knows if they weren't naked I'd never watch them...but actually they don't really have nice bodies...so....

I realize this post sounds offensive, and I appologize. I really didn't mean for it to! But come on...blink 182 isn't rock...weezer and green day aren't rock either....they're alternative...rock is like...NIN or guns N roses... Well sorry!!! i was just tryin to put on a short name and blink is punk rock not alternative