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Posted in High School Upskirts on 2004-02-28 20:00:53

Who the fvck wants to look at your gay perverted pics? Go shove em up you arse, them and your lame poll.

========== In Reply To ========== I love it when guys look up my skirt. I get such a rush out of it. And it makes me SO HARD I want to explode. Yes, that's right. I'm a guy. Here's a pic of me from looking under my skirt. Normally I wear pink panties but I forget to ware them when my friend taked this pic today of me looking up my skirt. Tell me what you think and thanks for taking my poll.

Posted in Cornertime for girls over 18 on 2004-02-27 00:51:04

Got any pics of you in the corner with your panties around your ankles?

========== In Reply To ========== I hate still getting corner time at age 18 - i get spanked to, but i guess i deserve it or i wouldn't get it still. Its just so embarrasing standing in the corner with my panties around my ankles.

Posted in Cornertime for girls over 18 on 2004-02-27 00:49:13

got any pics of your tanned bare bottom?

========== In Reply To ========== As someone who hadn't been spanked for over ten years but then at the age of 19 not only to have my bottom well and trully smacked but having to stand in the corner as everyone carried on as normal around me was awlful. My young nieces made fun of me, my Mother Ant and Gran all gave a lecture. It was the longet 45 minutes of my life. When it ended I was bursting to go to the bathroom. All this because my Gran gave my mother a hard time because my skirt was to short, when you were her age I would have "Tanned your backside" good and proper. So to prove a point that is exctly what she did. Hurt like crazy and having to stand in the corner was the worst. Patrica

Posted in Cornertime for girls over 18 on 2004-02-27 00:48:10

Yeah, better yet--- frontwise AND topless too. I also think Alessandra needs to get put over your knee for a spanking too.

========== In Reply To ========== Could be worse. You could be displayed frontwise instead of backwise.

========== In Reply To ========== My name is Alessandra and I am 24. I am still submitted to cornertime. My mother does me put in the corner, facing the wall, kneeled down. And everytime with bare bottom in display! Please don't laugh at me! It's really harsh! Ale

Posted in Cornertime for girls over 18 on 2004-02-27 00:46:06

Ale, got some pics of that bare bottom on display? How about turning around for us so we can see your beaver too.

========== In Reply To ========== Dear Pat I understand you very well. Yesterday my mum has sent me in the corner, bare bottom in display, kneeling down. The neighbour's daughter (who is 19, like you) has seen me in that embarrassing position. And I'm 24! Not nice. Ale