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Posted in A day for speedos at the beach on 2004-09-27 20:07:41

Well done, ur a sex object for women over 30 already. nice work

========== In Reply To ========== I wear only speedos at the beach or pool. Problem is a lotta people stare, including adult women. They even make lewd comments. I'm 15 for gawd's sake!

Posted in Bush or Kerry on 2004-09-24 15:35:07

Kerry is actually an intellecutal.

anyway, as I'm from the Uk i am not too bothered about kerry's stance on domestic policy. what i do know is that he is what the rest of the world wants for America to be like. his foreign policy is amazing and America would be welcomed back into worldy respectability. With President Clinton, the world respected and even revered US, now everyone hates it witha fiery passion and that is all because of President Bush. Did you know he was voted the worlds most hated man? second was osama bin laden, follwed by $%!@ cheney then robert mcgabe. anyway, America is a great country which has temporarily forgotten itself. hopefully come novemeber, it will regain everything it has lost. ( and possibly not invade iran as well )

========== In Reply To ========== I agree that Kerry is an idiot and a moron, but I haven't seen any proof that he has lied.

Bush, on the other hand, lies compulsively, and in addition to being a liar, he is a crook, an all around criminal, and somebody who can barely be considered a human being because of his willingness to send more than a thousand soldiers to their death for political and financial gain.

Neither one of the candidates is favorable, but you'd have to be a complete f*cking dumbass to choose Bush over Kerry.

Posted in The Fahrenheit 9/11 Controversy on 2004-09-18 20:41:28

With the first election being rigged, it isn't fair to accept responsibility for what's happened. If Bush wins the second one without rigging, that is when people have to start being ashamed

========== In Reply To ========== I apologize to you,- and everyone else across the globe-from the bottom of my heart, for everything George W. STUPID has done thus far in his presidency:

I apologize for my fellow citizens not deamanding a re-election in 2001, which would have saved us all from war in the first place. For his inflicting pain on others, though he was well-warned ahead of time about September 11. And later, for our not demanding he be held responsible for starting a WAR for no reason (other than trying to ensure HIS OWN re-election).

I apologize for his adverstising and encuragment of the massive consumption of fossil fuels for his/$%!@ Cheney's own benifit, as well as his continuous destruction of a planet we ALL share, his disregard for human rights, and his derranged since of justice.

He's a TOTAL as*hole, if you ask me. I hate him, and his administration, more than I have ever hated a president before. He's caused a recession here, and world wide, while giving his rich friends tax breaks. As a president, HE SUCKS. As a speaker, HE'S RETARDED. He's NOT MY PRESIDENT. (I voted for Harry Brown.)

I sold my car when the war started, and I now take the bus. (Which really sucks!:) Our third world country, the USA, has terrible public transit. (Not that I was that impressed with England's trains compaired to mainland Europe, but at least you guys HAVE them!)

I'd move out of the US, but I don't think that's the answer. I think staying here, and cleaning up the mess my parents generation created is a much better one. So here I am, buying recycled everything, walking everywhere, NEVER watching T.V., and NOT supporting big business in ANY WAY.

I buy/eat only 100% Organic Food (NO GMO!), I don't ever eat fast food or drink soda, and I drink only 100% Organic Fair Trade coffee. And I am doing everything I can to tell other people I know here how they change their habits for the better, too.

Our generation will be the ones to make this work, and it really is up to us...

If you want, e-mail me: suvswastegasoline@yahoo.com

Again, I'm sorry for all the pain my country has caused. I for one, am NOT proud to be an American.

But I am trying to make this sh*thole better.

Posted in Bush or Kerry on 2004-09-15 16:35:59


========== In Reply To ========== This poll is biased and worded so that any answer you give would be favoring our lying "president" Whoever made this poll needs to open their eyes, see what is going on in our country. Pick up a newspaper, the evidence of Bush's failing administration is there everyday. Vote Kerry 2004

Posted in A day for speedos at the beach on 2004-08-30 17:56:26


========== In Reply To ========== Shorts are probably responsible for most drownings!

Of course, there are some people who need to do a slight bit of training before slipping one on...