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Posted in Hamster's on 2004-02-25 19:35:13

========== In Reply To ========== I got a hamster in 5th grade, named him Corky, took really good care of him; put his cage next to the heater, fed him enough but not too much, cleaned him, played nice with him... exactly 7 days after I got him I came home from school and he was stiff and cold, but with a tiny heartbeat. I took him to my dad and MY DAD GAVE HIM CPR! He breathed on him and rubbed his little body until he warmed up, then 3 minutes later he died for good.

Two days later (it sounds sick, but I was only ten) I got a new hamster and named her Cindy. Took really good care of her too. 6 days later THE SAME THING HAPPENED. My dad gave her CPR, but she died anyway. Now they're both in cookie tins in the stone wall my dad was building at the time.

I decided not to get any more hamsters :(

That is so sad.

Posted in Hamster's on 2004-02-18 20:49:22

========== In Reply To ========== I have happy memories of my golden hamster, called Charlie. He was quite a character. I loved him. I used to take him out of his cage in my bedroom and let him go running round the bed. Unfortunately, he met a tragic end. I left him in my room, being sure to shut the door firmly. Unfortunately I had left the top window open. The family's cat, Queenie, got in through the window (we lived in a bungalow) and killed him. I didn't blame the cat (pure instinct) but I was very upset indeed. I got another one, but it wasn't the same. I gave him away to someone. There was only one Charlie!

Oh My that is so sad!I'm so sorry.How old qwere you when it happened?