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Posted in Is Television Wrong on 2004-01-23 12:39:58

========== In Reply To ========== television is wrong for many resons. it causes sloth, envy, greed, lust, pride, wrath, and gluttony.

if you have read the book 1984, you can see what other evil things can be done with t.v.... people come to depend on it, and they look to it for information they should be reading, whether it be in a book or the newspaper.

people in america have fallen far out of touch with the rest of the world, and while others work for peace, we continue to worship false idols like oil and television.

we must rise against this boring mental babysitter. the time has come to entertain ourselves. that is NOT the job of the government, anyway!

boycott television and driving cars! for the sake of the children!

So i take it you do not have a t.v. or a car.

Posted in Are black women superior to white women?. on 2004-01-21 12:09:20

You should have had more choices. Because by picking yes or no that would be saying it is a fact not an opinion. I have seen women of all different races and no one race is more intimidating than another.

Posted in What's your opinnion on interracial couples? on 2004-01-18 03:37:52

========== In Reply To ========== People should date who they want to. Race or nationality doesn't matter. If you think someone is a perv, pig, $%!@, ect. because they date someone from a different race then you have some serious issues.

And that is the truth.

Posted in What's your opinnion on interracial couples? on 2004-01-18 03:31:11

========== In Reply To ========== AMEN

Posted in INTERRACIAL POLL FOR BLACK WOMEN. on 2004-01-18 03:21:00

========== In Reply To ========== Girl, you said it! Let them catch AIDS from those men who want to live down-low bisexual lives. Let them deal with single motherhood when they bear children for these men and they don't mind them. Let them put up with rejection from these black men who believe that having any white woman is a step up in life. I just laugh, as I help myself to good men, no matter what color they are (white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Persian, etc.)!

I know that's right girl you date your non black men. Also if you could let a sister know how do you go about meeting these non black men.