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Posted in The Rape Poll! on 2003-12-29 03:57:48
In 1991 I was convicted of a NON-VIOLENT drug crime for stealing stuff from medical laboratory and manufacturing drugs. Even though I am an intellectual I spent FIVE YEARS in prison with rapists and murderers. After I was raped I lost all of my self-esteem. I also became bisectual and I am always at risk of getting AIDS. I had a lot of revenge fantasies. That was not a joke.
Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2003-12-29 03:50:21
In my opinion the best punishment for those who commit extreme crimes would be to test medicine on them. Cure for lung cancer has not been found yet. That would save millions of innocent lives at the cost of much smaller number of criminals.
Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2003-12-29 03:44:49

Besides, the potential for a false conviction in a rape case is possibly greater than for murder cases (often it's just one person's word against another's) so the potential for killing innocent people is too great.

If polygraph is used, and he fails and she passes, then the probability of a false conviction is

100%(8%=.08 of all rape cases which are false)(.1 probability of him failing a polygraph)*(.05 probability of her beating the polygraph)=.0004 or one in 2500. That is a very very small percentage.

Also polygraphs can assure 85% conviction rate.
Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2003-12-29 03:36:41

Rape is not so much a crime the feminists succeded to make us think.

60% of rape involves pedophilia, and thus it is very severe. 35% is date rape which destroyes a woman's trust. 5% is stranger rape.

Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2003-12-29 03:34:28
One of the reasons rape has conviction rate of only 20% is the fact that polygraph tests are not allowed in court. If they were allowed, 80% of rapists would be convicted, and very few convictions would be false. Then the society would see how numerous rapists are and the need to castrate them. Castration reduces recidivism to less then 2%. It also decreases overall aggression, so it should be used on men convicted of extreme forms of non-sexual assault as well.