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Posted in Armwrestling Mother vs. her 10 to 15 year old son on 2012-04-30 15:47:29

My neighbor always had these big (for her size) hard biceps like you rarely see on girls, and she was as strong as she looked. She could easily beat all the girls in her class and even older girls. She beat all of the boys her age, too, until she was about 14. So you're at the age where you would be catching up to her, especially if you're working out. Are you catching up to the stronger girls?

Posted in Armwrestling Mother vs. her 10 to 15 year old son on 2011-08-19 12:58:57

@jnjnjn You're already pretty big for 13 and your mom is really strong. How much do each of you work out? How do you do armwrestling girls in your school? My neighbor girl could beat all of the boys in her class when she was 13. One kid even started lifting weights because he couldn't stand being owned by a girl.

It sounds like the speed and aggression of your attack left her helpless from your first move. But it also appears that this woman was impaired by being obese, on crutches, high on drugs, and not expecting you to fight back. I'm not sure this is a good indicator of how every male vs female fight (where the male wants to win) will turn out. It may happen in most cases, because women generally don't know how to fight and they are generally slower and weaker than the men. Growing up I saw a lot of backyard and schoolyard fights, some with boy vs girl. I've seen a younger, weaker, but very aggressive boy explode all over a bigger and stronger girl and beat her with speed and aggression. But I also saw a girl who knew how to fight beat that kid more than once. So there are probably a lot of women who could have beat you that day, too.

@girlfighter why did she think she could beat you? Was she big? strong? someone who had been training at fighting for a long time? I've heard that the biggest disadvantage that trained women have in mixed fights is that men are too quick for them. Do you think your quickness played a big part in your easy victory.

I knew a girl who beat boys all the time until the boys went thru puberty. It was kind of sad to see her lose a fight to a boy that she used to think was a total wimp.

Posted in Fights with girls on 2010-05-03 13:15:34

There aren't that many women who could beat men in a fight, but into the middle teen years, its not so unusual for girls to beat boys in fights. My neighbor girl was stronger and tougher than the boys her age all through elementary school and she could beat most boys when she was 14. She could punch harder in fist fights and take more punches than the boys. If you and she were both 12, I would have loved to see a fight between you.