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Posted in 10-13 year old boys vs 10-13 year old girls on 2015-04-04 06:00:11

@Catalina3 If your son is only 11 or 12, there are plenty of girls his age who are stronger than him. I knew a girl who could overpower any boy she met up until they were about 14-15.

Posted in Real Mixed Wrestling/Boxing Experiences on 2014-11-16 15:03:31

@TheMighty Wow - awesome tournement. Too bad you didn't get to fight Caroline. Please tell the rest.

Posted in Real Mixed Wrestling/Boxing Experiences on 2014-11-08 15:19:59

@TheMighty: She sounds interesting. My neighbor, like a lot of tough young girls, gradually gave up on the rough stuff and when she graduated from high school she could probably have been beaten by her 14-15 year old self. Its awesome that the girl you know went the other way after you beat her! A rematch would be exciting!

Posted in Real Mixed Wrestling/Boxing Experiences on 2014-11-02 15:45:12

@TheMighty: Nice story! I wonder what would have happened if you had fought her a year or two earlier. My neighbor girl beat boys her age all the time up to when she was about 14. But towards the end of that period it seemed like she would still start out strong, but her body couldn't stand up to punches as well as the boys, and she weakened more quickly. The longer the battle went on, the more likely she would lose. By 15 she could only beat the weak boys. I was older, so I didn't fight her, but I enjoyed seeing her fight.

Posted in Armwrestling Mother vs. her 10 to 15 year old son on 2013-05-24 14:06:30

I just saw your question. It looks like you made great progress between January and June last year. Have you pulled way ahead of your mom and the strongest girls by now?

We had competitions lifting things, like other kids, chairs, heavy boxes, etc., so I don't know how much my neighbor could lift, but she could lift more than any of the boys or girls who were close to her age. We never measured biceps but hers were bigger than the other kids' and rock-hard under a soft layer of skin. They bounced and peaked like crazy when she reached up to fix her hair or tighten her ponytail. She only grew to about 5' 2" tall but she had broad shoulders and powerful hips. In elementary school and middle school she beat boys much taller than her at armwrestling and overpowered them in wrestling, too.

Some of the boys were starting to catch up to her strength by age 14. She had a strong will to win and she usually did win, but sometimes a boy would beat her and that gave all of the boys hope. By 15 the stronger boys were pulling ahead of her. She could still beat some of the boys all of the time and other boys occasionally, but the boys who were lifting weights always beat her decisively.