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how old is your sister? did you try out the tests on her that are in the poll? how does she react when you tickled her? did she laugh a lot and wriggle and jump? Are you twins? are you ticklish then - i wonder if twins are ticklish in the same places! where are you both ticklish and which twin is more ticklish? please email me at milko122003@yahoo.co.uk to tell me more about the things you tried and found out with your sister!

========== In Reply To ========== we know we are no girls but we do have a sister and we did find out about her. one not tickleihs at the armpits two pencil tickle her the most three most tickle over thr ribs four can go for a few minutes thith her chest being tickled and the same for her feet

Hey i created this poll for ticklish girls - its fun to do it with a friend to test each others ticklish spots and reactions! write all your findings, stories, experiences to do with tickling here!

Posted in Tickling among teens! on 2003-12-14 23:36:57

hillary duff is very ticklish - she was tickled to tears in one of her shows by her two friends - only on the belly though - no foot tickling yet!

Posted in Tickling among teens! on 2003-12-13 14:09:33

off the list:

Aaraon Carter - admitted in a live chat he was ticklish in one particular spot

Natalie Portman - she was tickled on her sides in the film leon and the reaction was genuine - very ticklish scream!

Verity Rushworth - she was tickled in Emmerdale by a boyf - he got her sides and she fell off the sofa giggling and spluttering "marc no, im really ticklish!". after she fell he tickled along the bottom of her socked foot - she broke into silent laughter and shut her eyes - she seemed really and i mean REALLY ticklish!

Mandy Moore - shes extremly ticklish everywhere, especially her feet - she admitted it in loads of chats/interviews!

Rachel Leigh cook - says she cant get massages coz shes really ticklish all over

Michelle Tractchenberg - said her family gives her tickle tortures. also, in Harriet the Spy her sides were tickled and she jerked about shouting "no!" and in a live chat she said when they drew the tatoo on her foot for the film it really tickled and she couldnt hold still.