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Posted in Driving Yourself To School - Cool or Not ? on 2006-09-06 16:44:10

Just a thought

It's always good to consider the environment when making a new decision. A hybrid car purchase for you would be wise for the earth and for saving money in the long run. It's your planet you are inheriting; make sure you take care of it!

Posted in ¿Which Is The Sweetest SUV? on 2005-10-09 07:52:40

This poll escapes me. The "sweetest" SUV? The vehicle that KILLS TROOPS FOR OIL?! Why haven't you ERASED this poll out of embarressment for yourself?
It's not cool to kill our troops when you could walk! It's not cool to F*CK UP your children's AIR when it's the only AIR they have! It's NOT COOL to support an a$shole like GWB or his girlfriend D!ck Cheney, when they go on vacation when thousands of people are dying. But whatever. You really suck.

Posted in Bush STOLE the Presidency (again) on 2005-10-07 21:52:20

I think I did "express my unhappiness tastfully", actually. You really need to read more. A lot more. If you think there's nothing wrong with Bush, you're not very smart. And dumb people irritate me. I'm sick of you retard republicans. You defend the @ssholes of this world like you hope to be one someday. Well, now that Katrina has come and gone, the joke is on you. Amerikkka will never recover from this damage, and pretty soon, as all the SUV driving idiots of the world fail to be able to afford to go to work, the economy will FINALLY completely collapse. The housing bubble will burst, and this place will finally not be able to keep up the facade.
p.s. Donald Trump isn't actually rich or happy. It's an act. He needs his Republican friends in office or he's broke. So stop having Horatio Alger moment after moment, and realize you will never live in a mansion with a beautiful playboy bunny for a wife. Pretty soon the government will release their flu virus and EVERYONE will be sick. Just wait.

Posted in Bush STOLE the Presidency (again) on 2005-10-07 21:42:59

You are an idiot. People like you make me sick. I hope someday the light goes on in your head, and you figure out how WRONG you've been all these years. Go drive your gas guzzler and kill some more troops for oil, retard. And F*ck off, while you're at it.

And I'm Proud to be an amerikkkan... la la la

Posted in Bush STOLE the Presidency (again) on 2005-04-11 01:48:27

Actually, I didn't call us a 'Democracy', I asked if you LIKE the IDEA of Democracy... That means "Do you like the IDEA of voting, elections, and the people basically having a say in government things?"

Way to miss the point of what I was saying. (But then, that's usually what happens when a person asks questions that point out the flaws and scams our government is constantly pulling... No wonder they keep getting away with all their b.s.!)