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Posted in Truth and Dare Ideas (teenage boys only) on 2021-01-17 11:54:30

I got nearly the same shower dare when I was 13, but we were watched through the frosted glass shower screen.

Posted in Tickled as a child or pre-teen by your friends on 2021-01-17 11:10:17

The last time I was with my cousin, his parents weren't home. We were playing on his playstation when his best friend came over and joined us. Since it was a nice day, we all wear light clothing. My cousin (Tim) wore his shorts, a t-shirt and white quarter socks. His friend (Sam) wore shorts and a tank top. I was wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and gray crew socks. At first we just played for fun, but after a while we decided the lose has to do some tasks as penalty. It starts with thing like push ups and taking of your shirt, but soon we left the playstation behind an went up to an pure exchange of dares. It takes not long and I was tied to my cousins bed, just in underwear with both boys sitting on top of me. Sam sat on my legs and took of my socks, while my cousin sat on my belly and pushed his pe socks in my mouth. Then they started the tickling. Sam cares my feet, my soles and between my toes, an Tim was on my upper body, my sides, rips and pits. After he found my week spot, my armpits, their treatment was hellish, but I wasn't against it. In a few short breaks, they asked me, if i'm fine or want to stop. I was enjoying this torture, even if it worn out my body, so I asked them to continue. I felt their fingers all over my body searching for every ticklish spot, to let me scream and sweat. Since we all enjoyed it so we continued until the sun goes down.