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Posted in Silly Polls 2 on 2003-12-26 03:44:29

I was thinnking the same thing when taking this. Christian music is not all Gospel!!!!

Posted in Christmas Wishes! on 2003-12-14 05:39:13

When it comes down to it...that's what everyone wants. Love.

Posted in Which is worse? on 2003-12-14 05:37:26

watching teletubbies is worse, because it has no point...no point at all. It's not educational, it just brainwashes the poor children. At least barney teaches the kids something while they're still having fun.

========== In Reply To ========== watching barney


watching teletubies? personally i like teletubies cuz la la is cute but barney sux and by the way tinky winky is not gay my dad used to play with purses and he sure as hell isnt gay so if u still think he is gay you would no because you are!!!!!!!

Posted in Holding in farts on 2003-12-14 05:24:34

I was cracking up when I read part of this that said "HELP IM GONNA BLOW" or something like that. For some reason I found it so hilarious... Yes, holding in farts does hurt. The only time I ever do is at school. Funny story? Eh..in 7th grade I accidently farted as I sat down and I was in front of the popular kids..ha. ha.

Posted in Legal age of Marriage or sex on 2003-12-07 20:35:56

I agree. Honestly! Sex before marraige is just wrong...

========== In Reply To ========== This will be long, but bear with me.

First off, learn some English girlie...

  • "Do you think what should be the legal..."

ummm yeah, don't you mean "What do you think the legal age......

  • "When underage girls had made sex..."

WTF! How about When an underage girl had sex. Make sense girlie.

Ok, now we know you can't speak english well. Let's talk about your maturity...

You did not provide all the correct possible choices in your poll. YOu seem to think that 18 is the "legal age to have sex, and once you are 18 you can have sex".

No honey, you should not have sex until you are married, or at least (under small cercumstances, very much in love) dating for many years and know you will marry that person. Teenager do not need to be having sex, nor should they think that it is ok.

Grow up honey,learn to make some sense, and rethink your ideas on sex.