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Posted in A new battle of the sexes poll. on 2004-11-21 00:26:02

This has got to be the tenth poll on the subject of which sex is better that I've seen here. The results are the same every time--females win. I think that pretty much sums it up. Females rule!!!

Posted in Female Superiority - Are They? on 2004-05-04 03:16:33

Way to go, Kellycat! You are the best! If a man deserves a kick in the balls, let him have it! Just the threat of a kick to a balls will make any guy know he is beat. As you've said--power to Women (the superior sex) ========== In Reply To ========== Actually weighing only 125 pounds I could not beat any man weighing much more then me. Why is is wrong to hurt a male in the balls when you are attacked. After all do men refuse to punch a girl in her chestl I doubt it. Do men leave a girl alone when she has her period? Hell no, we still have to go to work or school as if nothing is going on, even though most men would complain if they even had the slightest pain that a girls gets every month. So why is it wrong in a fair fight not to hit a guy in the balls, or is it that old addage that girls should be seen but not heard, girls have no rights, or that guys can dominate girls because of there superior size. That may be the rule of the last century but todays women lives longer then a man, enjoys life just as much and when necessary kicks him in his precious balls when necessary. Power to women baby.

Posted in Female Superiority - Are They? on 2004-04-06 05:40:59

I've noticed the overwhelming favoring towards females as well; not only on this poll site, but everywhere I've seen similar questions. What's also interesting is that the majority of voters are male. Is voting anonymously the only way men can be honest? Is the male ego that fragile? Face it, guys, women are superior! Women always win. A man who can admit female superiority is acting like a real man; earning respect by giving it to the women who deserve it. Any man who argues this is all wet, in my book! ========== In Reply To ========== I have noticed in other polls raising the question of female superiority that the results are overwhelmingly lopsided in favor of the opinion that women are superior. This seems to be the case on every poll site I have seen. It is possible that things have changed, and people are starting to perceive women as the stronger sex.